UK Used iPhone XS Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone xs price in nigeria and ghana

If you have seen Apple’s top-end iPhone XS smartphone and are looking for a detailed review, specification, or configuration of the device as well as the UK used iPhone XS price in Nigeria or Ghana, you are on the right tech blog.

In this review, we take a look at the cost of UK-used iPhone XS in Nigerian Naira or Cedis, storage capacities; 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB models, and where to buy in Ikeja Computer Village, Lagos Nigeria, or Ghana.

UK Used iPhone XS Price in Nigeria in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

In Nigeria, you can get the fairly or London used iPhone XS for around 120,000 Naira upwards depending on whether you want 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB memory capacity while in Ghana, you can get the iPhone X around GHS 900 to GHS 1200. Because the fairly-used one is a lot cheaper, it always preferable and assumed to be a bargain. 

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The iPhone XS comes with improved features when compared to its counterpart, the iPhone X. The Apple Company announced the launch of the phone with a summary of the features paraded by the phone as having faster Face ID, faster processing speed, dual sim support, and more color options for the buyers. There is also improved storage capacity of the phone.

Even though this phone brand seems to be an improved version of the iPhone XS, there are still places where the phone is lacking when it is compared to the iPhone X. Released in 2018 and iPhone X released in 2017, many lovers of the iPhone brand had expected a phone greater than in all ways, and indeed it is greater in many ways just that it also comes lacking. 

Aside from the features, we have mentioned that make iPhone XS better, there are places where this phone is better, and there are areas where they are the same. For instance, they have the same processing speed, improved camera sensors, and editing features. The phone is no longer in vogue does not mean that it is not a good phone to bet on. It parades outstanding qualities that make it a good bet for you at the moment, especially if you are on the lookout for an affordable iPhone brand.

In this post, we’ll be presenting the features of the iPhone XS below and why it is a good one you should consider purchasing.

The Specifications of the iPhone XS

Display: This phone has an OLED display that is slightly better than that of the iPhone X. The HDR feature installed on the phone makes it show better, brighter, and sharper. It is imbued with maximum brightness and a near-perfect color mixture and blending. It presents a great display. The display is perfect for any user as it is a beauty to behold. 

The important aspect is that according to your eyesight, you can tweak the brightness and look to conform to what you need. The beauty lying on the screen makes it a great phone to behold. It is a phone you would appreciate using, and one that others would feel good seeing when you use it. 

Camera: This phone has a front and rear camera, with the rear camera having more improved features. The lens in the phone is a telephoto lens having a 2X optical zoom feature. This zoom feature is important as it allows the camera delivers a closer, sharper, and clearer shot of the target symbol and environment in which the image is taken. 

The camera is also wide-angle enabled, meaning it can capture a more in-depth image of a wide area. The camera can identify the features of people and improve their look. However, to enable this feature, you have to get closer to the ones you are snapping or capturing. 

You should note that the rear camera is a dual-lens camera. There is generally an improvement in the sensors used by the camera. This means that there is a great improvement in the quality of the images taken. This is so in terms of the brightness, background effects, blurring, the features of the persons in the images, and other related features.

The “Smart HDR” feature of iPhones, especially the more modern and newer ones was introduced in iPhone XS. It is one of the iPhone brands with this feature. Smart HDR makes the camera take great photos in low light conditions, providing a good look of persons by sensing the sunlight or other lights in the environment and using it to improve the look of these persons, better filter and editing features, and faster processing of images. 

In situations where the image is taken in dark areas, the image can be processed to make the images look almost normal with sharp light not focusing on a single area to make the images look gory. Furthermore, with the Smart HDR, your skin looks brighter, cleaner, and fresher than the user when you take pictures with the phone. It does not only identify only one person as there it can identify multiple people in the image and improve their looks. 

Nevertheless, you should know that there is a limit where low lights can be optimized by the phone. In severe dark or very low light conditions, the phone can only offer dark or blurry features for an image or images. There is a great improvement on the portrait mode feature, though. 

There are high-technology editing features enabled on this phone. For instance, this phone has the ability to tweak the background of the photos taken. You also have the capacity to make the pictures brighter and clearer. The filter can go in-depth in the filtering to make your picture look very clean of blemishes as if it is photoshopped–studio standard. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone XS: The fast and better A12 chip is the one installed on this phone. This made the iPhone XS the best iPhone vie processing speed at the time of its launch. What this means is that apps installed on the phones load faster and perform better than they would have on other phones. When you need a piece of information or want multiple commands processed on the phone, it does it very fast and delivers it to you.

The engine built into the phone is the neural engine. This makes the phone strong and powerful. It helps in the fast processing speed of the phone and makes it dependable in case you want to perform a duty on the phone or a series of duties. 

Water and Dust Resistant: The Apple Company built a more efficient water and dust resistant feature in this phone. This means that this feature is more effective and efficient in it, thereby reducing the chances of the phone getting permanently damaged due to its exposure to water and dust. 

These iPhone brands could stay in about 1 to 2 meters of water for around 30 minutes. This, of course, indicates that unnecessary exposure of this phone to water and dust without limits would only cause permanent damage to your phone. You should be careful about how often or how severe you expose the water to water and dust.

Apple, on the launching of the phone, gave the guaranty of how efficient the phone is in handling immersion in salt water, chlorinated water, and various water at a semi-acidic level. Reiterating, we insist you are cautious with the use of your phone. Excessive exposure of your phone to water and dust would lead to permanent damage.

Connectivity: At the time of the launching of this phone, the 5G network was not widely adopted. Thus, the Apple company didn’t adopt the 5G network in the production of the iPhone XS. However, this phone has the ability to browse faster with its Gigabit LTE feature. The browsing speed or the downloading speed of the phone depends on the network connection of the area of use. 

It can be as fast as 240 Mbps. The faster the internet connection of your area of use, the faster the phone/. Furthermore, a better Bluetooth version is enabled on this phone for sharing files, and a better version of the WiFi is enabled to connect to the network through the other phones. 

Security and Privacy: Like what is present in iPhone X, iPhone XS has an efficient Face ID feature. The difference is that the Face ID in iPhone XS is faster and more efficient. It recognizes only the user’s face, mostly through the eyes, as such that spotting new beards, using a hat, or wearing eyeglasses is not a problem for the Face ID. You must ensure you keep your phone saved and secured because Face ID is also needed in opening and operating money-concerned Apple Pay. 

Dual Sim Support: This phone is one of the first iPhones where dual sim support was introduced. This is a good one for iPhone lovers in Nigeria and Ghana. Where there is the issue of a poor network connection on one network, you can easily deploy the use of the other one. In this way, you rarely have network issues. It is a good plus for lovers of the iPhone. 

Design: iPhone XS was launched with a good screen size. The front part of the phone is an all-screen cover part that lays over the phone from the top to the bottom. This phone is slim. There is the presence of a front camera and a back camera. As built-in in most iPhones, the back has the Apple logo. The phone is not big and weight when put side by side with the contemporary brands of the phone. 

You should note that this phone has a steel frame covered in glass, and this gives the phone an aesthetic look that you as a buyer or admirer cannot ignore. You should keep in mind that unlike iPhone X where you have to worry about the fragile glass; the iPhone XS glass is more durable and less prone to shatter. 

There are improved and more color options for this phone as it comes in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. There are different buttons on the side of the phone. Among all these buttons, there is no home button. The antenna is built into the sides of the phone. The body is attractive and adds up to the beauty of your presence. 

Fast and Wireless Charging: This phone has improved wireless and fast charging that was earlier introduced in iPhones like iPhone X. The wireless charging coil to be used with this phone was improved. It can also charge with wire and it is quite faster when you charge it that way. You would have to buy separate accessories. 

The phone charges so fast that it can charge up to 50% from 0%. 

Video Recorder: The HDR feature of the phone, and other features make the videos shot on the phone look extraordinary. The video recorder has 4K support at around 30 fps. The videos shot with this phone are clear, quality, and have great cinematic features. 

Battery Capacity: The phone can last for an average of 12 hours depending on what you are doing. The heavier and higher the use, especially in doing things like playing the game, surfing and downloading files on the internet, or watching and playing videos, the quicker it dies. The battery capacity is good compared to earlier iPhones.

Storage: The storage capacity of this phone varies. It comes in 64GB, 128 GB, and 256GB storage capacities, you choose them according to your needs and budget.

GPS and NFC: It has GPS and NFC installed on the phone. 

Where to Buy UK Used iPhone XS in Nigeria and Ghana?

If you are interested in getting this phone in these countries, you can buy one from Apple’s confirmed retail stores for refurbished phones in various cities Ikeja Computer Village or Accra Ghana. Another easier place to get the fairly used iPhone XS is on the Jumia store, their website gives you seamless access to different models in case you want to try another iPhone.


Apple iPhone XS is an affordable device at the moment with the perfect combination of features for your everyday use. If all the information about the smartphone makes sense, you can go ahead and get one for yourself.

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