UK Used iPhone SE (2022) Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone se 2022 price in nigeria

Whether you are looking for the UK used iPhone SE (2022) price in Nigeria or Ghana or buy it from a nearby store in your area like Slot Ikeja Computer Village or Jumia online store, this article shows you what you need to know about used iPhone SE smartphones and what’s inside the smartphone.

In this review, we take a look at the UK used iPhone SE (2022) prices in Nigerian Naira or Cedis, features and configurations for 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB models, and where to buy in Nigeria or Ghana.

How much is the UK Used iPhone SE (2022) in Nigerian Naira or Ghana Cedis? 

The price of the UK used iPhone SE (2022) depends on the storage space and where you buy from, online or physical store. You can still get 64GB, 128GB, or even 256GB of this iPhone SE 2022 model at prices above N100,000 in Nigeria or 1000 Cedis in Ghana. Ultimately, it’s your budget and plans that will determine the best model for you.. 

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uk used iphone se 2022 price in nigeria

iPhone SE, the 2022 version, was the third one in the series of more affordable iPhone SE phones. Since it was introduced in the last two versions, there has been continuous improvement in the phone’s features. iPhone (2022) offers a great improvement in features, and it offers a good value for money to buyers. 

The beautiful thing about this phone is that it offers a wide range of quality even with the smaller size. Most of the features of the phone are those offered by iPhone 13. This makes the buyers and users confident about how well they spend their money. It offers similar qualities as iPhone 13 at a cheaper rate and smaller size.

iPhone SE (2022) is a nice phone you should be considering buying, especially if you have got a low budget and you would need a smaller size iPhone with large qualities. This phone offers you exceptional characteristics, surpassing its counterparts. In this post, we’ll be examining all the phone aspects, revealing to you what makes them good and a good choice of phone you should consider buying. 

The basic information is that if you get and use this phone, you’re entitled to basic iPhone apps and features like iMessage, TrueTone, and FaceTime. There are additional and unique features that make it different. 

The Specifications of iPhone SE (2022)

Design and Look: This is the first feature most buyers check on their list of expectations with the question, what are the features of the iPhone (2022)? When people go to buy a phone, the first feature they’re interested in and the questions they ask are what is the phone’s design, and how does it look?

iPhone SE (2022), like other phones in the series, is smaller than its counterpart according to the time of production, the iPhone 13. This phone has a similar structure to that of the iPhone 8. It is the size 4.7 inches, 750 X 1334 pixels. However, the smaller size does not mean it is low in capabilities and functionalities. Reiterating, this phone has similar qualities to that iPhone 13. 

The negative side of the design of this phone is that it is a fast-aging design; it can easily cause wear and tear to the phone. The design doesn’t encourage durability as other designs do. The design that is not durable like other iPhones is not a good one. 

The phone’s capabilities will be examined and exposed further in the post.

Storage Capacity: This phone has a large storage capacity compared to its size and pricing. The design and manufacturing of the phone follow the same line as most iPhones produced in the past, with a large storage capacity to solve the needs of the users. 

iPhone SE (2022) offers a wide range of storage capacity, which you can purchase and possess, depending on your budget. Thus, there are various options presented to you to choose from. The important question here, then, is what are the different storage capacities of iPhone SE available?

There are 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB storage capacities on the phone. 

Battery Capacity: Apple made a great improvement with the model of this phone by increasing its battery capacity compared to the other older versions. One of the problems iPhone users have to grapple with is low battery capacity, especially for users in third-world countries where there is an epileptic power supply.

Apple looked into the issue and ensured they improved the battery capacity of this phone just like that of the phones produced by Apple ever since the release of the iPhone 12. There has been a steady increase in the battery capacity of their phone. 

iPhone SE (2022) battery lasts longer than most iPhones. It can last for 15 hours when you’re watching videos. The battery can also last for 10 hours if you stream videos online. Meanwhile, the battery is equally durable in that it can last for 50 hours when listening to audio alone. 

Fast Charging: This phone is in-built with fast charging to enable it not to waste your time if you are charging it. This is also far better than the older version of iPhones; thus, the producers of this phone introduced a great initiative of this fast charge. The fast-charging capacity is so good that it can just stay for only 1 hour to charge fully 100% from 0%. 

Camera: The camera of this phone is great as that of other iPhones produced in the past. The camera qualities offered by this phone are a good bargain for the phone’s pricing. The camera has high quality snapping feature and a wide range of image editing features.

The camera is a single-lens camera. When snapping pictures, the phone’s technology can use the presence of sunlight to the advantage of the person in the picture. There are also other camera capacities that provide a very clear picture of the person or people in the image. It focuses on the faces of the users and optimizes their looks. 

The most important feature of the phone camera is that there is improved Smart HDR for improved skin contrast and tones of the users of the phone. 

There are the background blurring effects embedded in the use of the camera as well. There are also the features of portrait mode and portrait lighting in the phone.  

The disadvantageous feature of the phone is that there is no night mode. The absence of night mode in the phone means that the use of the camera is also affected. 

The image editing features of the phone are great. You can equally apply several editing colors, backgrounds, and other features in editing your pictures. 

The camera is clear not only for snapping pictures, but it is also equally excellent when used in recording videos. Its video recording and editing is a good and different feature we will write about extensively in the latter part of this post. 

Overall, the features and quality of the camera of this phone are great, and they’re what would excite you as a buyer and user. Most importantly, they would give you great value for your money. 

The Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone SE (2022): This iPhone model has a good processor and chip just like in the improved models of iPhone, beginning from the iPhone 12 to the latest model. This phone has an A15 Bionic chip, making it a strong and fast processing phone. The processing speed of this phone is very fast, and it can process a lot of demands and activities of the users simultaneously without dragging or hanging. 

Furthermore, this phone has 4GB RAM, which is a vital part of contributing to the phone’s processing speed. Notwithstanding that the phone might be processing several applications and activities, it doesn’t mean that it would hang or drag. These features give the user flawless processing speed. 

L 4K Video Recording Capacity: This phone has a 4k video recording capacity which makes the videos you record very clear. The clarity and effects of the video are close to the video quality of the video recorders used by cinema movies. These videos shot with the phone are so clear that most content creators often use them online. 

Wireless Charging: iPhone SE (2022) comes with the astounding wireless charging feature. This is a great feature for those who are always on the move. You can be charging the phone and be doing something else somewhere close with the phone close to you instead of plugging it into the charging cord. This means that there is no use for a charging cord here. 

l Longer Lasting Software Update: Unlike the previous iPhone models or most Android phones, the iPhone SE (2022) updated software stays for a long time. This is not one where you would be worried about the slower performance of your phone or the other problems because of a lack of software updates. This phone saves you all those stress. The updated software doesn’t give a problem. 

l Haptic Touch: This phone contains a haptic touch that would benefit the user and facilitate easy and more efficient use. 

l Water and Dust Resistance: This is one of the most important features of this phone. For people who are not so careful with using their phone, this feature eases the huge number of problems they would have encountered with the use of this phone. The ceramic material included in the outer part of the phone makes it water-resistant.

There is also an element within the phone that makes it dust resistant. Nevertheless, as a user of this phone, you should be careful not to abuse the water and dust resistant feature. A long stay of this phone in water can cause serious irredeemable damage.

You should remember that as you keep it away from water to prevent permanent damage, you should also keep away from dust. Too much dust coming in contact with the phone can cause damage regardless of the dust resistance feature of the phone. 

l Connectivity: The phone is enabled with 5G. This makes the use of the internet on the phone fast. However, because the use of the faster side of 5G has not become popular, the slower aspect and the widespread of 5G (6GHZ) are installed on the phone. This, notwithstanding, the use of the internet on the phone is still very fast compared to most of its contemporaries. 

In addition, iPhone SE (2022) has Bluetooth and WiFi that you can use and twist as you want. It has a high rate of connectivity. 

l Security: High-security programmed Touch ID (fingerprint) is installed on the phone to secure your phone for your personal use. This is, of course, for verification and authentication. The fingerprint is enabled on the home screen for easier identification and use. 

l GPS: The GPS is a highly active one with a modern version like Galileo and GLONASS. This one enhances more effective location-enabled features and functions. 

Where to Buy UK Used iPhone SE (2022)?

Anywhere you are, the first place to get this phone is from an Apple Store closest to you. There are a lot of Apple Stores in Nigeria and Ghana. You can locate physical Apple stores in the cities where tech products are sold, just like we have Ikeja computer village in Lagos.

If you want to purchase the phone, you can also order the phone through Apple online store. Aside from Apple’s physical and online store, you can also buy it from legit and verified Apple third-party retailers like Slot store or Accra city. It would help if you endeavored to verify that the third-party retailers are genuine and verified by Apple. 


iPhone SE (2022) is a good phone to bet on if you are looking for a smartphone that offers great quality and comes with impressive internal configurations at an affordable price. This phone has the same feature as iPhone 13, yet it is cheaper and doesn’t consume much space.

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