UK Used iPhone 8 Plus Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 8 plus price in nigeria and ghana

UK used iPhone 8 Plus price in Nigeria and Ghana depends on the storage capacity of the variation you want to buy, 64GB, 128GB or the 256GB model. But before you go ahead with physical visitation or order online, it’s highly recommended that you understand the full specifications, internal configurations, and where to buy the fairly used iPhone 8 in Ikeja, Lagos, or Accra Ghana.

UK Used iPhone 8 Plus Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

In Nigeria, you can buy fairly or London used Apple iPhone 8 Plus at prices ranging from 125,000 Naira and above but certainly not the same for the 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB compared to a new iPhone 8 Plus that sells for 300,000 Naira and above.

You can get a brand new iPhone 8 Plus in Ghana for around 2210 to 2910 cedis. For the fairly used, you can get it around 1000 cedis and above.  

Where to Order UK Used iPhone Online?

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

uk used iphone 8 plus price in nigeria

iPhone 8 Plus was released as a great upgrade and improved difference from the iPhone 8 version. From the design to the internal structure to the different components, iPhone 8 Plus stands out. This phone offers intending buyers and users an opportunity to have all their desired needs and wants of a phone in this phone. An excellent improvement of what used to be obtained in iPhones, this phone is an iPhone brand you won’t want to miss. 

There are many features of this phone that make it outstanding, from the glass body that markets its beauty and difference to the durability characteristics enshrined in the phone; most of this phone’s contemporaries don’t even come close to giving the intending buyer the needed qualities. iPhone 8 Plus gives you all the features you need at a great bargain or price. 

For lovers of a good camera, adequate memory to support your data,, and sleek well-designed phones, this phone is absolutely a good one to buy. In this post, we’ll be bringing to you the phone’s amazing features which make it exceptional. 

Specifications of iPhone 8 Plus

Design and Look: This iPhone product has a unique design even though it is similar to the design of the iPhone 7 plus. Thus, it comes in 5.5 inches display size with a thick cover and all. There are cameras popping out at the front and the back. There is an Apple logo at the back, and it comes with a slim body or looks, and as such, it is easy to carry around. 

The unique design of this phone introduced Apple’s seriousness in changing the perception of iPhones. First, it was one of Apple’s smartphones which has a glass body or glass surface. The glass installed on it as its body is equally great in looks, and in a good way, durable. It is in a little way prone to shatter. 

However, this does not mean that the phone, when dropped, does not shatter. Of course, it does shatter. You have to be careful in your use of the phone, and try to avoid indiscriminate dropping of the phone. The good thing about the durability of the glass of the phone is that it is not prone to cracks easily in whatever way it is affected. 

Furthermore, Apple went the extra mile to add the Gold color to the making of the phone. Thus, this phone comes in several amazing colors: Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. The red option of this phone was introduced later to add to the color diversity of the phone. Thus, they are shiny, attractive, and great to use in many ways. The color design or the use of coloration on the phone is done in such a way that the color is well-put. The surface of the phone doesn’t get easily stained, and it is ever new as the stain can always be removed and wiped. 

You should not that the glass surface of the phone is connected by the non-staining steel frame of the phone makeup. On the outer part of the phone, there are buttons on phone–volume, mute, and sleep or wake buttons. There is also no provision for the home button at the sides. This phone is one of Apple’s earliest phones where Bluetooth-enabled earphones were used. 

The iPhone 8 is not a large phone; it is slim and can easily be carried. This phone is around 158.4mm tall, 7.5mm thick, and 78.1mm wide. This means that it is pocket-fit and great for the amount of largeness it has and its weight. This phone is also one of Apple’s first phones where a dual-lens camera was introduced as the back camera.

For the display, the phone offers an average-sized display. The resolution of the 5.5-inch display is 1920 by 1080 at 401 pixels per inch. There is a good brightness feature and harmonization of colors on the phone. 

Water (Liquid) and Dust Resistance: With this phone, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged permanently by water and dust. The phone has water and dust resistance built into it. Unlike the later versions of the iPhone, it is the IP67 water and dust resistant feature that is obtained on the phone. It is effective in some ways. 

However, you should note that you have to manage this phone with care as it is prone to permanent damage when it is exposed to water and dust indiscriminately. There is a level at which this phone can take direct exposure to water and dust. For instance, any exposure or drop into more than 3 feet of water for over 25 minutes, would get permanently damaged. Direct and frequent exposure also means that it can be damaged fully. 

Security and Privacy: This phone makes provision for Touch ID. This means you are secured using this phone as you can install your fingerprints on the phone, and use it constantly to identify yourself. This gives you full ownership and assurance of your phone. 

The Touch ID installed on the phone is pretty fast and processes accurately in capturing your fingerprints. Aside from securing your phone, the Touch ID feature is necessary, too, in your use of Apple Pay and other important or financial applications on the phone. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 8 Plus: The iPhone 8 Plus has the A11 Bionic chip installed on it. At the point of the launching of the phone, this chip was the smartest and the fastest among all iPhones before the introduction of faster and smarter iPhones. It encompasses a six-core CPU that contains two high-performing cores and an additional four high-efficiency cores. 

To show you how good this chip is in smartness and fastness, it is more than 20% faster than the previous chip installed on the older iPhones. The cores of this phone are also more than 50% faster. The phone is a good bet for people who would be needing a fast-processing phone for gaming, video editing, graphic designing, and a lot of activities in need of fast processing phones. 

You should also note that due to how fast the processor of the phone is, the battery is saved as duties that should take longer, lagging and consuming the battery is drastically reduced. It also saves time as you can run multiple functions and duties on the phone; the phone’s processor has the capacity to deliver your commands at the right time. 

Furthermore, on the issue of the fast processing speed of the phone, the engine installed on the phone contributes to the fastness and strong position of the processor. The engine installed is the neural engine which is strong on its own and contributes to the fastness and effectiveness of the processor on the phone. 

Aside from this, the RAM capacity of the phone is 3GB, one of the highest of its contemporary. You have to know that iPhone 8 has 2GB RAM, and so iPhone 8 Plus having 3GB RAM shows a great improvement. It goes a long way in ensuring you use the phone effortlessly, carrying out heavy duties on the phone without it lagging. 

Camera: The camera installed on the phone is an f/1.8, 12-megapixel wide-angle one that is sharp and covers a wide range when snapping. The back camera is dual-lens. This camera is built to be smarter and more efficient in converting and using sunlight to the advantage of the people in the images. There are also other after-snapping features that can help tweak your images to suit your desire. Thus, from the camera itself to the filter and editing, this camera processes great pictures for you. 

One of the most dominant features, which has been mentioned a little before here, is the ability of the camera to utilize the sunlight present to the advantage of the individuals in the picture. Utilizing the light makes the people brighter, and then slightly blurs the background for clearer and more-optimized humans in the images.

The optical image stabilization present in the phone makes sure the camera is functional and effective in capturing images and videos in low light conditions. The camera equally has the telephoto capacity and portrait mode. These features enable the phone to deliver great images for you. The portrait mode, for instance, is the one responsible for focusing more on the individuals in the images, blurring the background, and giving out better-enhanced images. 

There is also the presence of portrait lighting that allows you to add beautifying lighting to the images of good studio quality. The camera is very well-programmed and smart that it recognizes the faces of the people in the images, using the light and all other materials provided in the image to make the face or faces better. 

Video Recorder: This phone provides one of the best video recorders among all smartphones at the time it was released, and even later. The videos captured with the recorder are of great quality with good image and sound mixing, bright and clear videos, and faster processing speed. The videos produced with the recorder can, in a good way, compete with videos of cinematic level and quality. 

It has support a 4K video recording capacity at 30, 25, or 60 fps.

The video reorder provided by this phone makes it a good choice for skit makers and video content creators. This phone is a good bet if you are looking for a phone to give you the perfect videos that are bright, with a good sound mix and color harmonization.

Battery Capacity: iPhone 8 Plus has a battery capacity of 2,657 mAh. This means that you can use the phone for a good period of time. On average, the battery can stay up to 10 hours to 12 hours depending on the level of use. The heavier the use, the less the battery would last. 

For instance, the talk time on the phone, it can last up to 13 hours. Surfing the internet, it can stay for 7 – 10 hours depending on how you are using it. The video playback can let the phone stay up to 12 hours. Then, finally, the phone would last for 35 hours if you are using it for audio playback. 

Fast Charging: The iPhone 8 Plus is a phone that can be charged very fast This is possible because it can be charged with a variety of good USB-C power adapters, from 29W to 87W. You are to note that the USB-C cord goes along with the power adapter that charges very fast.

Connectivity: This phone supports an LTE-enabled network which is fast in surfing the internet, and it saves data and battery. The network feature built into this phone means that it can be used in multiple countries. From simply browsing to downloading files, the network installed on the phone is pretty fast/ 

You also have to note that WiFi is installed on the phone for you to connect to other phones, through their networks. Furthermore, the new version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0, is faster and helps in sharing files between phones.’

The phone has GPS and NFC installed on it. 

Storage Capacity: This phone comes in different storage capacities: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.

Where to Buy UK Used iPhone 8 Plus in Ghana and Nigeria?

You can buy this phone as a new one or fairly used in Nigeria and Ghana. You can buy it from Apple Stores or verified third-party retail stores across the major cities and towns in these countries. When buying from third-party retail stores, you should ensure they are genuine and original. 


The iPhone 8 Plus smartphone is no doubt a solid device you should look at it right now; from the sharp camera that lets you capture memory to its internal configuration for fast performance, you sure have a value to enjoy.

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