UK Used iPhone 7 Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 7 price in nigeria

Are you looking for a fairly or UK used iPhone 7 price in Nigeria or Ghana with detailed writeups on what the smartphone comes with, specifications, or internal configurations or storage capacity, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB? This review will help you find all you need to know as well as the best place to buy the iPhone in Ikeja Computer Village, Lagos or Accra Ghana.

UK Used iPhone 7 Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

In Nigeria, you can purchase the London or UK-used iPhone 7 at prices starting from 110,000 Naira and above, depending on whether you want the 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage memory. And if you are in Ghana, a used iPhone 7 goes for 770 cedis and above.

Where to Order UK Used iPhone Online?

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

UK used iPhone 7 price in Nigeria & ghana

iPhone 7 is one of the Apple smartphone models that are popular in Nigeria and Ghana due to the features they offer, and its affordability. This phone offers what most smartphones don’t offer and at a relatively cheap rate. From the sharp camera to the design to the battery capacity, this phone is a good choice for you as it is good relatively in a wide range of capacities and qualities 

It was first launched in 2016. Since 2016, it has been a good choice phone for Nigerians and Ghanaian iPhone lovers. The sharp camera, its size, and a whole lot of other attributes make it stand out. From 2016 until this moment, it is still the smartphone you can trust and use. The design is great and attractive. 

In this post, we will be guiding you through the features of this phone, and how they make the phone stand out. These features are good all the way around. Getting iPhone 7 should be a top thought in your mind as you plan on which pocket-friendly and efficient. 

Specifications of iPhone 7

Design and Look: The design of this phone is similar to that of the iPhone 6 set of phones. From the interior part of the phone to the exterior, they are in a great way related to design. However, there are some differences in the design and look. The phone is small in structure with a slightly shiny design. The smallness somewhat makes it fit to be easily carried around. 

There are rising parts for the front and back camera. There are buttons by the side. These buttons range from volume to mute buttons. At the lowest part of the device, there is the provision for the home button. This is also where the majority of the sensitivity of the Touch ID is. There is a glass body wrapping around the phone which distinguishes it and makes it appear more beautiful.

The phone comes in a limited set of colors They come in Space Gray, Silver, and a version of Gold color. The version of Gold it comes with is the shinier kind than those used in the previous versions of the phone. The red color design was added later. Furthermore, the way the colors are harmonized in the making of the exterior part of the phone is great to allow a smooth surface of perfect ingraining of the color. 

The Gold introduced or used in building some of the phones comes in different varieties as well. There is the Rose Gold, Old Gold, and Silver-like Gold finishing. This means if you intending purchasing the gold version of this phone, then you should be ready to further narrow your choices to the different gold finishings. The Space Gray color also has a darker shade than the usual; you can choose the normal Space Gray or the darker shade. 

The glass surface of the phone encloses the steel frame of the phone. The glass surface ensures that it can easily be wiped to clean off the dirt accumulating on the phone. There are antenna signals ingrained close to the surface of the phone to ensure a steady connection and all.

As noticed or experienced by the users, the glass wrapping the phone is durable, but it is liable to shatter when it has an unrestrained fall to the ground or direct and harsh contact with a hard surface. When the phone is not handled properly, it will shatter and pose a serious challenge to you.

Of course, the glass is durable but when it is not properly managed., it can get damaged. In addition to these, the display of the phone is brighter and clearer than the previous versions of the iPhone. The display is averagely sized, although small when compared to the smartphones of other companies.

The display resolution is 1134 X 750, with the screen measuring 4.7 inches. With the cover display, there is good color harmonization and use of colors, balanced brightness for all kinds of eyesight, and a well-optimized LCD display. The size of the phone, the measurement is around 67.1mm wide, 7.1mm thick, and 138.3mm tall. The phone weighs 138 grams. Thus, with all the measurements described, this phone is neither too big in size, nor too heavy. It is quite the right fit to carry around or manage. 

Dust and Water (Liquid) Resistance: This phone has the IP67 feature, which means it is water and dust-resistant. This saves you the stress like other iPhones have done, of preventing your phone from getting permanently damaged by direct exposure to water and dust. It is one less problem to worry about. 

Nevertheless, you have to note that there is a level to which the phone can be exposed to water and dust. For instance, the phone should not stay in the water of more than three feet for more than 26 minutes. If it stays in water above these descriptions provided, then it is prone to getting permanently damaged. Same precautionary measures should be taken in the phone’s exposure to dust. There is a level at which the phone can bear. 

In every way, as the phone user, you should ensure that there is no unnecessary and direct exposure of the phone to water and dust. In addition to this, there should be no constant exposure to these vices which can permanently damage the phone. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 7: The chip installed on this phone is the efficient and fast A10 Fusion chip and processor that was one of the best of its time. This A10 Fusion chip and processor joins speed, power, and an efficient system in processing the commands requested by the owner. 

To get the reality of how much improvement Apple made with the chip and processor, you have to note that this A10 Fusion processor is more than 30% faster than the previous A9 version. Thus, it is very fast compared to other contemporary smartphones of its era. Even at this moment, it is still largely a very fast phone. The fastness of the phone means the battery can be saved when functions and commands are executed in a fast way. 

This makes the phone a relatively good option for gamers, graphic designers, and heavy users of the phone. With this phone, you can multi-task at ease, and to a good extent. Furthermore, the RAM installed on the phone is 2GB, making it one of the phones with the best RAM capacity. It aids in making sure that your commands and duties on the phone are executed without issues. 

Camera: Since the iPhone 7 was released at a time Apple had not started broadening and deepening the quality of its camera, the camera of the phone is single-lens. Notwithstanding that it is single-lens, the images produced with the camera are bright, neat, and clear. It comes with a wide range of improved technology that ensures the pictures come out fine. 

For instance, there is the feature of optical stabilization that enhances stability in terms of a shaky camera when snapping. The lens is f/1.8 12-megapixel with improved processing speed. The processing speed enables it to snap faster and process the photos taken in a shorter time. The speed is so good that it can perform 100 billion operations in about 26 milliseconds at the point of taking images with this phone. 

Another feature is color sensors having the ability to correctly and harmoniously present colors in the images taken. Thus, the pictures are well-presented to suit the background and all. There is also the ability of the camera to identify the individuals in the images to harness their beauty and looks, especially in the presence of sunlight. 

There is also an effective feature enabled for capturing images in low-light situations. The difference is that it is not as effective as that of the ones installed on the iPhones that came later. Furthermore, the LED light introduced in the phone helps a great way in determining how much greatness your images would come out with. It assists in warding off the darkness of the images by brightening them.

Video Recorder: The video recorder isn’t much of a top-notch when compared to the iPhones that came later but it is still great. The video recording still presents great videos with good sound and image mixing and color harmonization. The video recorder supports 4K recording at 30fps. There is also an option for 1080p kind of videos recorded at 30 or 60 fps.

Thus, shooting videos with the phone might not give you the excellent videos you would be needing, but it would sure give you videos way better than most smartphones of their time can. 

Battery Capacity: Apple, on the launch of the phone, announced that this phone has one of the longest battery life among all its phones. This is because it takes more time for the processor to deliver the duties assigned to it. 

The battery capacity of the phone is 1,960 mAh. This means that the phone can last up for a longer period of time. On average, the phone can last up to 8 to 10 hours depending on the level of use. In terms of surfing the internet, the battery stays shorter than when it is used for other activities like listening to audio or making calls. 

Touch, Security, and Privacy: The touch of this phone is more sensitive than the phones before it. The touch sensor and signal it has is 3D touch. This one is sharp and uses pressures, swaps, and others to determine the touch level of your use and how to respond to it. 

Since the touch is very sensitive, the Touch ID sensor for securing the phone is very active. It is quick in identifying the fingerprints of the owner. It gives you the full exclusive right to your phone It is so effective that it can protect your phone against any unauthorized user. 

The Touch ID is also very important in securing financial apps on the phone like Apple pay. 

Connectivity: This phone is fast with browsing. The phone contains or includes the advanced LTE feature that is programmed to be fast when you are browsing. You should note that due to the period when this phone was launched, there is no presence of a 5G network on the phone, unlike the iPhones which were to come later. 

There is also support for WiFi on the phone that you can use to connect to the network on other phones. The kind and nature of WiFi, on the phone, is somewhat similar to the one used in the past recent phones like the iPhone 6s.

There is also support for Bluetooth 4.2. Even though it is a lower version of Bluetooth compared to what is obtained in iPhone 8, it is still manageable to a great extent. It is fast in sending files between phones/ 

Furthermore, there is NFC and Felica installed on the phone.

Storage Capacity: This phone comes with a wide range of storage capacities you can choose from–32GB, 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. 

Where to Buy UK Used iPhone 7 in Ghana and Nigeria?

Buying a UK-used iPhone 7 comes with its own risk, so it’s highly recommended that you visit a physical store in Nigeria or Ghana. And if you love the convenience of shopping online, there are trusted Apple-recognized retail stores like Jumia.

Jumia ensures that the used iPhones you buy pass their key verification process before listing.


The phone is a good one to buy if you are low on budget. Notwithstanding that it was manufactured in the past, it delivers well for you. iPhone 7 is a good and budget-friendly choice for you. 

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