UK Used iPhone 7 Plus Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 7 plus price in nigeria and ghana.

Are you looking for a good fairly used iPhone 7 Plus smartphone to buy? This review will show all you need to know about Apple iPhone 7 Plus, internal memory capacities, configuration, and where to shop online, as well as the UK used iPhone 7 Plus price in Nigeria or Ghana.

UK Used iPhone 7 Plus Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

The price of the London or UK used iPhone 7 Plus in Nigeria or Ghana starts from 90,000 Naira and above or an estimated 1600 cedis. But you should know that the cost of getting the 32GB, 128GB, and 25GB memory aren’t the same, hence I’d advise you to check the specific storage that suits your needs before deciding on which iPhone 7 Plus model you want to buy.

Where to Order UK Used iPhone Online?

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

uk used iphone 7 plus price in nigeria and ghana

You have to note that the iPhone 7 Plus has greater features than the basic iPhone 7. It is recognized as the improvement of the iPhone 7. From the camera to the design to the phone’s functionality, there are different features of the phone that make it better than the average iPhone 7 as well as better than most smartphones of its contemporary era. 

This phone was released some years ago, but at the moment, it is still a top choice for iPhone lovers in Nigeria and Ghana. The love the citizens of this country have for this phone lies in how affordable it is compared to the later iPhone models, and the work and duties it can do. For a very reduced amount, this phone offers you a quality of work that is far greater than what most smartphones offer you.

In this post, we’ll be presenting the features of this phone to you to enable you to understand how it works. It is also to broaden your mind on what it can do, and then the affordability of the phone. It is sure a good phone to consider purchasing. 

The Specifications of iPhone 7 Plus

Design and Look: Apple, on moving on from the design and production of the iPhone 6s, did not change the design they utilized in the phones and transferred most of the creativity and bodywork to the production of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thus, the iPhone 7 is small in design and has a lot of attributes obtained from the former set of Apple’s smartphones.

This phone is 77.9mm wide, 158.2mm tall, and 7.3mm in thickness. It weighs 188 grams, making it an easily carried phone. You have to note that this phone is lighter than the older versions of the iPhone. This phone is the perfect fit for most pockets due to its size.

There are spaces for the front and back camera. Since the iPhone 7 Plus is larger in size and design than the other iPhone 7, the space created for the back camera is not for a single-lens camera but a dual-lens camera. In addition, at the back, there is the Apple logo and a sleek shiny cover. 

There are buttons on the side of the phone. These buttons are the volume and mute buttons. There are also holes for the speaker or letting the audio out of the phone at the base of the phone. You also have to note that in this phone there is also a redesigned home button that is not the one outside the phone. 

As seen or discovered in other iPhone brands, the iPhone 7 Plus comes in a limited variety of colors, giving the intending buyer the choice of choosing one out of these colors. The phone comes in Rose Gold, traditional color Gold, and Jet Black. This Jet Black is to replace the Space Gray which was dominant in Apple’s earlier iPhones. 

You have to NOTE that the Jet Black version of this phone is prone to scratches, and thus, you should get a case for it and handle it with care. 

For the display of the screen, this phone is brighter than the previous version of iPhones. You can confidently use it in the full glare of the sunlight. On the phone, there is also good color mixing and harmonization. 

The resolution of the display is 1920 X 1080. The display screen measures 5.5 inches as compared to 4.7 of the basic iPhone 7. The phone utilizes an LCD display as an LED display that had not been adopted by Apple at this point in time. 

The touch sensitivity of the phone is high as it responds sharply to your touch and processes the information pretty fast. It is built with high sensitivity and makes the phone easy to operate. This phone is not the type of phone that gives issues with operations as it delivers your command at the prompt and exact time. 

Dust and Water Resistant: This phone is equipped with better performing dust and water-resistant than the earlier iPhones. The dust and water resistance features are that of the IP67. This makes it safe from being permanently damaged by dust to a great extent, and then, prevents damage by water to a good extent as well. 

It is good news for people who cannot totally manage their phones as the scare of their phone getting damaged permanently by dust and water is greatly reduced. However, you should note that there is a level to which the phone can take in its exposure to dust and water, and it would become permanently damaged. Therefore, you have to handle the phone with care.

For instance, it can only withstand being submerged in 2 feet of water for less than 30 minutes, anything higher than that, the phone would be damaged. Furthermore, constant and repeated exposure of this phone to water and dust would lead to permanent damage. It still comes to the point that you should handle your phone with care. 

Security and Privacy: This phone is imbued with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor that gives you the exclusive right and use of your phone. This fingerprint sensor is so effective that you are sure of no one using your phone without being authorized by you. At the point of the release of this phone, this phone was one of the few smartphones which had a fingerprint safeguarding system.

This fingerprint sensor also helps in protecting the use of your Apple Pay as it is only by your fingerprints that you get authorized to use Apple Pay and other sensitive applications on the phone. Fingerprints are quite safer than using passwords. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 7 Plus: The chip and processor installed on this phone is the partly A10 Fusion Processor. At the point of its release, it offered one of the best processing speeds among the smartphones in the market. It was a great improvement from the A9 used in the earlier iPhone versions. 

The chip has two high-efficiency cores. The chip switches between the two core systems in processing the command and demands of the user. Thus, the CPU of the phone processes these commands and information at a very fast rate. The fast processing saves battery in some ways, especially when you are carrying out activities that are not heavy. 

Aside from the two efficiency cores of the main chip, you have to note that in the phone, there is the presence of a four-core CPU and six-core graphics capacity. This means that the phone is slightly fast in the use of processing commands related to graphics like gaming. There is also the part that assists in the acceleration of the functionality of the phone in the chip as well. 

The RAM capacity of the phone is 3GB, one of the highest among all smartphones at the point of its release. This RAM capacity adds to the processing speed of the phone. It ensures your phone does not hang when you are using it, even if you’re using it to carry out heavy duties like gaming, video editing, and graphics design. 

Camera: The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a brighter, sharper, and well-equipped camera than the previous iPhones. It is a situation of Apple company realizing the role good cameras play in marketing their phone and continuously improving it. With this phone, you are sure of taking brighter pictures in a wide range of situations, including in the cases of low-light conditions. 

The camera is a 12-megapixel capacity camera. It has a newly introduced six-element f/1.8 aperture lens. This makes it smart and effective in taking good images. There is also the presence of optical image stabilization that enables the camera to configure itself as you use it in the case of shaky hands while you snap. 

Furthermore, there is the image signal processor that, in a smart way, processes the color in the image, and configures or processes them well. The colors are enhanced for better effects, color harmonization, and quality. The camera is equally fast in processing the images as you snap. Unlike the other contemporary phones, this phone can process your images at a fascinating speed. 

The newly introduced bright LED flashlight of the camera aids in the processing of the images, especially in low light conditions. This is one of the reasons why the camera works perfectly fine in low light conditions and manages to transmit great images regardless of the lighting condition. To add to the great features of the camera, it is mostly noiseless when snapping. 

You should note, that unlike the iPhone 7, the back camera is a dual-lens camera. The dual-lens camera is well-optimized and offers great image quality. The back camera is a 12-megapixel 56mm telephoto lens with an f/2.8 aperture. 

The dual-lens has a good zoom feature that enables the camera to zoom in on the features of the individuals in the images. There are two zoom features which means that the camera is an alternate between optical zoom 2X and optical 1X. There is also the presence of Digital Zoom which helps in the quality of the images taken. 

Battery Life: The fast processor of the phone enables the phone to last longer than the majority of smartphones that were released at the same time it was released. The battery capacity of the phone is an hour or two greater than iPhone 6s products. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,900 mAh battery capacity. This automatically means that this phone is one of the best iPhones when ranked according to the battery capacities of the phone.

This phone is one of the phones in the market where using it for heavier duties like watching videos online and doing audio playback doesn’t consume battery as much as people would have expected it to. 

Video Recorder: This phone has good support for well-optimized and great videos. The videos are very clear and cinema-standard. Thus, it is a good bet for skit makers and the other video content creators The recorder supports 4K video recording at 30 or 60 fps Meanwhile, there is also support for 1080p video creation.

Connectivity: The network installed on this phone is the LTE-supported connection. It is fast and quick with browsing. It is a phone that trumps others of its set due to how fast it is and how reliable it can browse. 

As a heavy user of the internet, this phone is exactly the right bet for you. Furthermore, there is WiFi and Bluetooth installed on the phone. This means you can easily connect to another phone to browse, and you can share files between phones through Bluetooth. 

You also have to note that the GPS and NFC are installed on the phone to make your use of the phone better. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 7 Plus in Nigeria and Ghana?

You can either buy the phone from Apple Stores or Apple-certified third-party retail stores all over the country. The phone is mostly found on sale in the major towns and cities of the country. 

While buying, you have to make sure the original and authentic phone is the one sold to you and not the fake. This is the reason why you must be very sure of where you are going. 


The iPhone 7 Plus is a great phone to use, and it is quite affordable for Nigerians and Ghanaians. From the camera to the battery to the design and graphics, this phone is all shades of good. That it was produced in the recent past doesn’t take away its effectiveness. It is a great phone to consider and get. 

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