UK Used iPhone 6 Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 6 price in nigeria and ghana

Find everything you should know about the Apple iPhone 6 smartphone, where to buy online or offline at retail stores in Ikeja, Lagos, or Accra as well as the London or UK used iPhone 6 price in Nigeria or Ghana. In this review, I share the specifications, internal configuration, and memory capacity of the device, 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB space.

UK Used iPhone 6 Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much? 

In Nigeria, you can get the UK-used iPhone 6 at a price starting from 30,000 Naira upwards depending on whether you want the 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB model while in Ghana, you can get the phone from around 600 cedis upwards and it is mostly fairly used you would get as the new ones are mainly not available.

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uk used iPhone 6 price in nigeria and ghana

The iPhone 6 alongside its Plus version was launched in 2014 at the period. Their design, introduction of new technologies, and breaking the tech barrier in the smartphone market triggered a swift acceptance of the phone. The most fascinating thing about these phones is that they kept to the standard of iPhones, and still got a way of adding new technologies to these phones. 

It is from this phone that Apple first made its dominance and creativity in the smartphone market known. Not moving away from the past, it looked toward the pleasant future with its desire for dominance. This is to be noticed by iPhone lovers as after iPhone 6, Apple kept on churning out phone models after phone models. Many features made the iPhone 6 stand out at the time of its release. 

From the display to the camera to the design, this phone was mostly all the intending buyers could wish for. The storage capacity of the phone at the time of its release was far above most smartphones, especially the ones that were in Nigerian and Ghanaian markets. All these great features were offered at an affordable price. What are these amazing features? 

In this post, we’ll be guiding you through these amazing features of this phone the pricing, and where you can buy this phone in Nigeria and Ghana. The phone is a good bet. 

The Specifications of iPhone 6

Design and Look: The phone was released measuring 4.7 inches. It is a phone mostly covered in glass. The phone is lean and light. The edges of the phone are curved, unlike that of later iPhones where the edges are flat. The display on the screen of the phone is sharp, and the mixture of colors is amazing. 

To elaborate further on what has been said so far about the design and look of this phone, you are to be reminded that the phone measures 4.7 inches. It is lean and measured at 6.9mm. The phone is 5.44 inches long, 2.64 inches wide, and weighs 4.55 ounces. Such a light and pocket-friendly phone that you can carry around to most places you are going to. 

As usual, aside from the glass component that covers most of its body, there is the Apple logo on the back of the phone. There are also antenna bands at the back of the phone. There are buttons at the sides of the phone: volume, mute, and power button. The power button is on the right side of the phone. 

The glass covering the front of the phone is partially durable and sensitive to touch Thus the glass is not only for the protection of the first part of the phone, it is also needed for the swift operation of the phone. The display of the phone is LCD-enabled. The resolution of the screen is 1334 X 740. There is the element of a brighter display, brighter contrast, good color balance, and improved usage of the phone. 

This phone is very good and the LCD is considered to be one of the best. The zoom feature, landscape, portrait, and all other display features suit the making of the phone and the design perfectly. You can use and twist the display to suit your use. You can view the phone from whatever angle you want. 

Battery Capacity: This phone battery is good, and a whole lot of management of it can make it last very well for you. You should have known by now that iPhone batteries don’t last. It is with the coming of the iPhone 6 that people began to realize those iPhone batteries could last longer than the usual they had been producing. Thus, with the release of the phone, Apple started a chain of smartphones with improved batteries. 

The iPhone 6 has a battery capacity of 1,810 mAh. This means the phone can last an average of 6 to 10 hours, depending on your level of use. The talk-time capacity of the phone is 8 to 12 hours, while the video playback time is 7 to 11 hours. For audio playback, the phone could stay up to 35 hours. For different types of browsing, it could stay for an average of 7 hours. 

At the point of the release of the phone, the iPhone 6 could last longer than most of its contemporary smartphones. The majority of the phones at that time weren’t built to last long due to how limited the technology was then. Furthermore, when buying the phone you are entitled to 1A/5W power adapter, unlike the newer iPhones where you buy those separately. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 6: This phone is imbued with the 64-bit A8 chip and processor. It has a 20-nanometer process. At the point of the release of this phone, you have to note that this chip was one of the fastest and smartest in the smartphone market. 

The former chip used in an iPhone was the bigger A7, and despite its larger cover, it was less effective and slower than the A8. The A8 gives better performance in speed and efficiency including the CPU and GPU aspects. Due to how good the chip and processor of this phone are, you can do heavy duties on the phone like gaming and video editing. 

There is a good level of graphics performance even though it is not as effective as it should be but the one provided should be good enough to allow you to carry out functions you would love on the phone. You have to note that even though the phone is fast according to its time, the 1GB RAM capacity of the phone limits its efficiency and speed. Compared to the time of its release, it is not entirely a bad one. 

Security and Privacy: With the phone’s offer of Touch ID, you are assured that your phone is exclusive to you and protected from unauthorized use by anyone. Before iPhone 6, Apple, and some other tech giants used passwords or passcode. Touch ID was the security and identification system installed on the phone. 

Thus, on getting the phone, you set the security and lock it up with your fingerprint. This fingerprint is what you would need in your next attempt at the opening and using the phone. This makes securing your phone easier, faster, and better. Aside from securing the phone, it also helps in securing the vital apps within the phone. 

You have to note that securing the fingerprint of your phone is very necessary. Fingerprints help you keep your Apple Pay safe and other threatening and important applications on your phone 

With this phone, you have in mind that your phone is secured, and won’t have to worry so much about an unauthorized user. Even in the case of theft, you simply have to keep your phone safe and that’s all you need to worry about. 

Camera: The iPhone 6 has an 8-megapixel f/2.2 back camera with lots of good features geared towards providing quality images for the user. The camera on this phone is elevated, away from the body of the phone, to enhance better capturing of the objects and symbols in the image. Apple gives reason for the elevated camera as a result of the very lean body of the phone. 

Some sensors come with the camera which helps in focusing and improving the appearance of the symbols and persons in the images. One of these sensors and items in the camera is the Focus Pixels which aids in image stabilization, some level of blurring, and enhancement of the images by capitalization on the background and sunlight provided. 

Furthermore, the camera is built so well that it can detect your face as you snap and make it appear better. The camera is configured to produce high-definition images. This is a reason why Nigerians and Ghanaians really loved this phone at the point of its release. The images it gave were super-amazing. 

The front camera of the phone is not also removed from the good abilities of the phone’s camera. The front camera has improved sensors and an f/2.2 aperture. The front camera of the phone is far better than the one seen on iPhone 5. For one, this front camera is stated to be able to capture more than 75 percent more light, making your photos brighter, clearer, and better. 

You can also take a picture with the camera in low-light conditions. In addition, the image stabilization of the camera is nice as it helps a lot in eliminating blurry photos. Enough light eliminates dark images as well. Therefore, you have an amazing set of pictures. 

Video Recorder: The video recorder of the phone is not so bad as it can capture very good videos. The video recorder of the phone can capture 1080p High Definition videos at 60fps. This makes it one of the best video recorders at the time of its release. 

Even though due to how time has passed since its release, and the coming on-board of newer phones with better and sharper video recorders, the video recorder of this phone is not too bad. It delivers a great video shoot for you still. 

Connectivity: This phone has support for the faster version of the LTE. This means it is very fast in browsing and delivering the browsing commands you slate in it. It has support for improved connectivity at most points of use, including when you are traveling to new places. 

The deal with the connectivity of this phone is that it connects you varieties of LTE bands. Out of these varieties, there is no way one won’t be connecting better than the rest. Or out of the many, there is no way one won’t be connecting well enough. The good side of the connection is that it is always going through. 

Furthermore, the LTE type on this phone enables you to make clearer and high-quality phone calls. Thus it doesn’t affect the browsing alone, it also affects the voice calls. There is also support for WiFi to enable you to connect to other phones when you intend to surf the internet. The WiFi installed on this phone is pretty fast in connecting and allowing you to browse the internet. 

Storage Capacity: This phone comes with varieties of storage systems as it is obtained in most iPhones. You just have to choose the one that best suits your need and budget. There are 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage capacities. The larger the storage capacity, the higher the price. You can see that at the point of release of the phone, it had one of the best storage capacities among all smartphones. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 6 Nigeria and Ghana?

You can buy a fairly or used iPhone 6 at online or offline retail stores in several cities and towns in Nigeria and Ghana (Ikeja, Computer Village, Lagos, Accra, or Jumia). They are available in Apple Stores and Apple-certified retail stores in the countries. You are most likely advised to go to the certified stores to get this phone because it would be hard to find this phone in Apple Stores. However, when you are buying from the stores, you have to be sure that they sell the original version of the phone. 


Notwithstanding that this phone is an old phone, and it has some issues like bending on its own, low battery capacity, and slower processing speed compared to the newer iPhones, it is still a great phone. It is a phone you would love to get as it is pocket-friendly and easy to use. It provides all the features you would be needing. 

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