UK Used iPhone 6 Plus Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

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Whether you are looking for an Apple iPhone 6 plus for personal or business use, this review lets you see what’s inside the device, specifications, internal memory configurations, where to buy in Ikeja, Lagos, or Accra, and the UK-used iPhone 6 plus price in Nigeria or Ghana

UK Used iPhone 6 Plus Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much? 

You can get the fairly or London used iPhone 6 plus in Nigeria at price starting from N30,000 and above, depending on the options, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB memory. It’s even a bit difficult buying the new one right now because of the upgrades and limited stocks at retail stores. In Ghana, you may get around 1000 cedis and above.

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The iPhone 6 Plus is a good improvement on what was seen and noticed in the regular iPhone 6. One cannot say that it was a good improvement because they were introduced in the same period. Apple might have offered iPhone lovers iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to give different choices and options to the intending buyers. 

Launching the phone in 2014, it made great waves in the smartphone market. There were many things contained in the phone that distinguished it from other smartphones. These were things that made it stand out. The first part is the design, the great design makes the phone attractive, pleasing to behold and use, and then the browsing capacity, battery capacity, and others. 

iPhone 6 Plus has better features than the average iPhone 6. Even though it has been quite a long time since this phone was launched, due to the longevity of iPhones, it is still a very good phone you should consider buying. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the features this phone has and why it is a good option to consider buying.

The Specifications of iPhone 6 Plus

Design and Look: The phone with a lean body, smooth surface, and rounded edges, measures 5.5 inches. The phone is so lean that is considered one of the leanest phones ever manufactured by Apple. Aside from the leanness, the front side is covered with glass, there is a steel frame and smooth surface, and there is the Apple logo at the back. 

There are antenna bands at the back of the phone, enclosed within the visible design of the phone. On the sides of the phone, there are different buttons ranging from volume to mute to power, all these buttons are well-arranged to suit your use. The buttons allow for easy use and access to the phone.

The phone is 6.22 inches long, weighs 6.07 ounces, and is 3.06 wide. This makes it a sizeable phone you would enjoy having. It is pocket-friendly and can be easily carried around. The fascinating thing about the design of this phone is that the front glass covering it is firm, strong to a good extent, and sensitive to touch. This is not like other smartphones where the touch screen is not that sensitive to touch or beautifully designed.

iPhone 6 is different, it is sensitive to touch, and it is well-designed. For the display, it features LCD, taunted to be one of the smartest LCDs ever installed on a phone. The display resolution stands at 1920 X 1080. The display utilized good color harmonization, color contrast, well-adjusted brightness, and a good background. 

This phone is not a phone you would use and complain about the colors or the display. You also have to note that there is an improvement in the user’s attempt to twist how he or she views and uses the display. If the user intends to make a landscape or portrait view and use the phone, it is suited to give him or her the best experience. 

In whatever use or way of viewing, the phone adjusts and fits everything right. The brightness can be adjusted to suit your eyesight. 

Battery Capacity: Choosing to buy this phone or use this phone, you won’t be complaining due to somewhat poor battery capacity as you complained about with iPhone 6. With iPhone 6 Plus, there is a great improvement on the battery that it can last longer on use to enable you to enjoy the use of the phone. The phone has a battery capacity of a whopping 2,915 mAh. This is almost 3000. 

On average, the phone can stay up to 9 to 12 hours, or more even, depending on the level of use. The heavier the use of the phone, the less the battery lasts. It is not going to last for someone gaming the same way it would last for someone reading a document on it. 

For instance, the battery of the phone can stay up to 60 hours when doing audio playback on the phone. It can last for up to 8 hours when watching HD videos on the phone. It can stay up to 8 to 10 hours when browsing on the phone. In addition, when continuously talking on the phone, it can stay for 10 hours. 

Thus, you can infer that this phone delivers a great result to you in terms of battery capacity. It is far better than the iPhone 6 and previous iPhones based on this capacity. It is a phone your mind would be at rest if you get it because of the relatively good battery as compared to the majority of the iPhones. 

The battery is so long that at the point of its release, only about one or two smartphones had anything close to this phone’s battery capacity. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 6 Plus: This phone, just like the basic iPhone 6, is imbued with a 64-bit A8 chip and processor. This is built on a 20-nanometer process. You have to pin down the point that the chip is smaller than what was used in the previous iPhone model. Notwithstanding that they are smaller, they are faster in delivering their duties, and their efficiency is top-notch. 

The performance of the chip and the processor extends to the CPU and GPU, where these parts of the system combine in their service delivery, especially in the aspect of improving the graphics and other complex visual effects. This means that if you are carrying out activities connected to graphics like graphics design, video editing, and gaming, the phone gives you a good result for your effort and barely hangs. 

The graphics performance of 6 Plus is better than that of 6 due to the larger screen size. Furthermore, regardless that the RAM capacity of the phone also stands at 1GB RAM, the phone-user experience is not bad, and it doesn’t hang needlessly. 

Camera: This phone comes with an averagely performing front and back camera The back camera is an 8-megapixel f/2.2 aperture capacity camera. This makes the phone give you or who else is using the phone for snapping quality images. The first factor is that the camera is built with amazing features and characteristics to capture great images. And aside from the way the camera is built, other features enable this camera to deliver better images. 

For instance, there are the focus pixels that aid in concentrating the focus of the camera on the face and body of the individuals in the photograph. There is also the feature of image stabilization that manages hand shakiness at the point of snapping the pictures, gives out blur effects at the appropriate time in the images to make them appear better, and then production of almost normal images in low light conditions. 

This camera having the ability to be able to snap almost good images in low light conditions means that it was one of the first smartphones to have these amazing features. From there henceforth, Apple began to improve and work on it. In addition to the focus pixels, the camera has a sensor that can easily detect the faces in the photos, highlight them and improve their features against the background in the images. 

In the end, the camera is capable of taking good high-definition images. The front camera of this phone is not left out in the awesomeness of the camera of this phone. The front camera is imbued with newly improved sensors compared to what was obtained in iPhone 5 and 5s. It has an f/2.2 aperture as well. It captures more light, takes clearer images, and has a well-defined or proportioned color mixing. The front camera is perfect for taking selfies, doing FaceTime, and doing other video calls. 

The camera of the phone is also so good that the images taken are processed fast and then produced. When you see the image, you can choose to edit and filter it to your taste depending on how you would want it to be. After editing and using the filter, there is no way you won’t come to love the images taken. For the camera, you also have the option of taking down the noise to enjoy a smooth snap and an effortless photograph. 

Video Recorder: With this phone, you are assured of recording great videos where the audio and the visual are well-optimized. The color mixing and the clarity of the videos are also top-notch. The recorder can capture 1080p high-definition videos at 60fps, meaning that the videos shot are superb. With this kind of video recorder, you’re sure to produce what you need.

Nevertheless that this phone is old on the list of iPhones produced, video content creators and skit makers can still manage its use for making videos. 

Storage Capacity: As seen in most iPhones, this phone presents multiple-choice storage capacity to the user leaving you the decision to buy the one that suits your pocket and needs best. There are 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB storage capacities on the phone. The larger the storage, the higher the price. It is wise you make a good choice. 

Security and Privacy: The phone has a Touch ID feature built into the phone. Since the screen is very sensitive to touch, and it is very fast in processing the command you give to it through the operation of the screen, the Touch ID is present in the phone, works very fast, and delivers commands fast as well. 

You just have to update the phone with your fingerprint, and then be rest assured that you have exclusive rights to your phone. No one would use your phone without authorization. With the fingerprints, you can also equally use them on Apple Pay and other vital applications on your phone. It is safe and very effective. 

Connectivity: iPhone 6 Plus offers a faster LTE for your browsing and downloading needs. This is to aid you in fast browsing and downloading. There is also the part where there are varieties of LTE available to you, and you have to choose the one that works or that is faster. You might leave your side to another place with a network issue, and you would discover that changing the LTE you use would give you a browsing network. 

The LTE installed on the phone also helps in making voice calls. This is because it improves your voice call experiences and offers a better one. In addition to the LTE, there is also WiFi installed on the phone which can enable you to connect to the internet of other phones to browse in a very fast way.

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 6 Plus in Nigeria and Ghana?

You can buy a fairly used iPhone 6 plus smartphone from Apple Stores spread in different Nigerian and Ghanaian cities and main towns, or you can buy it from Apple-certified retail stores in Ikeja, Lagos, or Accra, Ghana. What you can mostly get is the fairly used of this phone; therefore, you have to be careful and make research on where you buy it. Ensure you buy the original and authentic ones, not the fake.

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