UK Used iPhone 13 Pro Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 13 pro price in nigeria and ghana

Before you put down your cash on the iPhone 13 Pro smartphone, here is everything you should know about the UK Used iPhone 13 Pro price in Nigeria or Ghana or how to buy it from a retail store in your areas like Slot Ikeja Computer Village, or Jumia shop, and what’s inside the Apple smartphone memory.

In this review, we take a look at the UK used iPhone 13 Pro price in Nigerian Naira or Cedis, features, and configurations for 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB models, and where to buy in Nigeria or Ghana.

UK Used iPhone 13 Pro Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much is 1TB, 512GB, 256GB, 128GB, or 64GB iPhone 13?

The price of the UK-used iPhone 13 Pro in Nigeria or Ghana depends on the memory; 1TB, 512GB, 256GB, 128GB, or 64GB. As of this review was updated, the London or fairly used iPhone still sells far above N100,000 at major retail stores. In Ghana, you can get the new one for around GHS 8,700 for 128GB to around GHS 10,100 for 1TB. The fairly-used can be gotten for around GHS 1,000 and above. 

You should note that these prices are not fixed. Third-party retailers and Apple stores have their different prices subject to inflation and business running costs.

Where to Order UK Used iPhone:

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

Apple iPhone 13 Pro is an improvement on the iPhone 13. The making of the phone follows the need for better features obtained in the normal iPhone 13, or an upgrade, to be presented to the customers. Apple noticed the needs and the desire of iPhone lovers to have improved phone features constantly, and this is the reason why there’s the release of Pro versions of iPhones since the iPhone 12. 

The release of the iPhone 13, and the features of the phone are not enough for the needs of the customers. Are you a lover of the iPhone brand? Have you seen or gotten the iPhone 13? Then, you should know that there is a better version of the phone. This better version and its qualities would be listed in this post.

iPhone 13 Pro performs greater functions and has more awesome features than its counterpart, the iPhone 13. It is like the Pro version has increased horsepower features and capabilities compared to the normal iPhone 13. What are these qualities and features that give the phone extraordinary capacities? 

We shall be exploring them below. In addition, we’ll be exploring the pricing and where to buy the phone. This phone is one of the smartest phones on the market. Aside from the basic features most iPhone models used to have, this phone has more, and the more makes it the smartphone you should have. 

The Specifications of iPhone 13 Pro

Design: The design of this amazing phone follows the modern trends of the iPhone brand where there is the use of flat edges instead of curved edges. Curved edges were a design model used by the phone brand in the past, with earlier phones such as iPhone 6. This is a great improvement as it adds to the beauty of the phone. 

The design of the phone is similar to the design of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. It is considered the direct successor to iPhone 12 Pro. There is the presence of a steel frame, the use of glass on the exterior, and an increase in the thickness of the phone. The increase in the thickness of the phone is to make the phone more solid. 

The phone is available in a variety of colors giving the buyer absolute freedom of choice of color. It is available in gold, sierra blue, graphite, silver, and alpine green. 

The phone has a ceramic shield as part of the exterior part of the phone. In addition to the ceramic shield feature, the phone comes in two sizes, one of 6.1 inches and the other of 6.7 inches. You have to choose a choice of the one that suits your taste and your budget. 

Battery Capacity: The battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro is far better than the earlier phone versions of the iPhone brand, including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The battery lasts longer, and the nature of the charger also makes it charge faster. The phone has a battery capacity of 3095 mAh. 

This means you can do a variety of things with this phone and not get scared of your phone dying. On average, the phone stays 18 – 30 hours based on the level of usage. It can last more than 60 hours without any form of use at all except for answering and making calls. However, the battery lasts shorter when it is heavily used. 

The battery can last for 20 hours when a user streams video playback online. It can last for up to 22 hours for video playback. Then, the battery can be sustained for up to 75 hours while the user engages in audio playback. Thus, the battery lasting or its power being sustained is according to the level of usage of the phone. 

Storage Capacity: The iPhone 13 Pro has the highest storage capacity of the iPhone brand, and one of the highest storage capacities of all smartphones. The storage capacity of the phone varies, and the buyer would have to choose the lower or higher storage capacity of the phone. The buyer’s choice is influenced according to his or her budget, like, and intention of using the phone. 

The storage capacity of the phone starts at 128GB and the maximum is 1TB. The 1TB maximum is what makes the phone the biggest storage capacity of the iPhone brand. There are varieties of high-tech functions you can do with the phone. You can also store a lot of things on the phone. 

Camera: This phone has one of the best camera qualities and features among all smartphones. The camera features of this phone are a lot better than that of other iPhone brands. From the sharp camera lens to the wonderful editing features of the phone, the camera qualities are exceptional and offer very great value to the buyer and user.

The camera is a triple-lens camera having an f/2.8 feature. Aside from the camera being a triple-lens camera, it is also a telephoto lens. The lens is also ultra-wide. All these features make the camera brighter in use and better when the photo is captured. 

The camera has tech features and sensors that adjust the environment to suit the photograph. For instance, the sun can be adjusted to reflect better on the skin of the user. There are also automatic cinematic features of the camera like the blurring quality of the camera that blurs undesirable aspects of the environment used for the snapping. 

This phone’s camera is so good that it has one of the best sensors among all iPhones. It has a LiDar scanner. It has a well-performing zoom feature. It has a smart HDR for capturing and brightening the faces of four people in a photograph. It has deep fusion to enhance lightening and brightening during the taking of the photograph. 

The filters and editing features are one of the bests among all phones. It is too good that skin tones can be perfectly edited to make your face and body real. Unlike other phones’ cameras where the editing would destroy the realness and originality of the photos, the filtering and editing features of the camera of this phone do not look artificial. 

The phone and the camera supports night mode making the user confident of the use of the camera at any point in time, and influencing the good outcome of the photos.

The Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 13 Pro: Like it is obtained in recent iPhone models, the iPhone 13 Pro has the new improved A15 Bionic chip. The A15 Bionic chip is a well-developed chip, enabled with fast processing speed and the ability to do functions at the same time without hanging.

Connected to the feature of the chip is its connection or relatedness 6 core GPU capacity with two performance cores for intense graphics performance, and also 5 core GPU capacity. This is to facilitate the graphics performance of the phone in a very good way. 

Due to the chip of the phone, the phone can process so many orders and requests from the owner. This enables you to run different actions on the phone at the same time. Furthermore, instead of the usual 4GB RAM of other contemporary iPhone models, this phone has a 6GB RAM capacity. 

This RAM capacity makes it fast and very reliable in carrying out functions. The RAM capacity of the phone also means that the phone has one of the largest RAM capacities in the smartphone market. It is a very good feature you would need, especially if you engage in high-tech activities like games, coding, video editing, and many more. 

Video Recording: The phone’s support of 4K video recording makes it similar to the newer version of iPhones. The video recorder of this phone also has cinematic features, and it is very bright and clear, making it one of the best choices for video content creators. It supports 4K video recording of up to 60 fps. There is also the support of the PoRes video recording feature that lets users record and save videos in different types of frames of up to 30. 

The video recording capacity of this phone is so good it can be equated to be somewhat similar to the capacity of video cameras used in recording cinema movies. For clear videos, giving you the right feel you want, iPhone 13 Pro is the real deal.

Water and Dust Resistant: This is a great feature of this phone. The ceramic shield on the exterior part of the phone helps in the prevention of water affecting the phone or damaging the phone in a short direct impact. The phone also has interior and exterior features that makes it resistant to dust. 

You should know that water and dust are part of the most disastrous elements which can damage an iPhone. So, the phone being water and dust resistant mean it saves you lots of heartaches and reduces the possibility of the phone damaging permanently. 

However, that the phone is water and dust resistant does not mean you have to expose it to dust and water for a long time. This phone can only survive on direct impact to water and dust for a short time. If it is continuously exposed, especially for a very long time, the phone gets damaged. 

Brighter and Better Display: The display of the phone is brighter and better than the past models of the iPhone, and it is even better in display than most of its contemporaries. This display is also noticed in the ability of the camera, and the snapping and editing effects of the camera. It has an OLED feature, a 2530 X 1170 resolution, with 460 pixels per inch. 

The display feature of this phone makes it an absolute choice for smartphone lovers. 

Connectivity: iPhone 13 Pro has the same connectivity feature as iPhone 13. There is 5G enabled on the phone. This means that surfing the internet on the phone is very fast in places where the 5G network is installed. For heavy internet users like people who play games online, reviewers of games, programmers, and online video editors, this phone is the right choice for you. 

The phone is also WiFi-enabled which you can use to connect to devices and browse. There is also an improved version of Bluetooth on the phone, Bluetooth 5.0, supporting U1 wideband connectivity. 

Dual e-Sim Support: There is dual e-sim support on this phone. This means you can slot in two sims In areas where there is usually a connection problem, slotting in two sims of different networks is to enable you to remain connected. It is a great feature, especially for rural dwellers in Nigeria and Ghana. 

Fast Charging: Even though this phone lasts longer than most iPhone models, and it has a bigger battery capacity, it charges very fast. With its wireless charging feature and its common adapter with a power of 20W, it can charge from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. Thus, saving you time and still giving you a powerful battery you can always enjoy. 

Nevertheless, you should note that this phone doesn’t come with an adapter and ear pod. You have to buy the power adapter and ear pod separately. 

GPS: This phone has one of the best GPS features among smartphones. The GPS quality of this phone is very active and effective. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 13 Pro in Nigeria and Ghana?

You can buy the UK-used iPhone from Apple Stores around Nigeria and Ghana, or from Apple-certified third-party retailers in Ikeja Lagos or Jumia. You have to ensure you the third-party retailers are certified by Apple and sell original iPhones. You can equally buy fairly used iPhones from them.


iPhone 13 Pro is a good phone to get if you need a fast phone, has high graphics quality and is strong and durable. It is a good phone you can trust. 

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