UK Used iPhone 13 Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 13 price in nigeria

Whether you are looking for the UK used iPhone 13 price in Nigeria or Ghana or want to buy it from a physical store in your area like Slot Ikeja Computer Village, or online stores like Jumia, this article shows you what you need to know about iPhone 13 and what’s inside the smartphone.

UK Used iPhone 13 Price in Nigerian Naira & Ghana Cedis – How Much? 

The price of UK used iPhone 13 depends on where, the online store you are buying from and the configuration of the smartphone storage space; As of this review, the price of 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB memory of iPhone 13 is still above N150,000 at major physical or online stores in Ikeja Nigeria or 1000 Cedis in Ghana. You also need to know that higher memory translates to higher price offers.

In this review, we take a look at the UK used iPhone 13 price in Nigerian Naira or Cedis, features, and configurations for 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB models, and where to buy in Nigeria or Ghana.

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uk used iphone 13 price in nigeria

Apple is not ready to give away its domination of the smartphone market. They’re unrelenting in giving smartphone lovers the best at each turn. The company releases new versions and brands of the iPhone, holding firm their smartphone market domination. 

iPhone 13 was released a short while after iPhone 12 to keep the lovers of smartphones updated and give them the best. The phone is an improvement on the features of the iPhone 12. It comes with better features, a brighter camera, and other factors which make this iPhone type unique and outstanding.

If you’re looking for one of the best smartphones, then iPhone 13 should be a great bet for you. It offers great qualities and features to satisfy all your needs and requirements for a good smartphone. Unlike the earlier versions of the iPhone brand, this phone offers qualities far better, and it is in line with the technological demand of the modern world.

The Specifications of iPhone 13

Design and Look: The phone’s design follows the use of a new design by Apple on their new phone products. Thus, the design is in a great way close to the design of the iPhone 12. They are similar in that they have flat edges instead of curved edges like older versions of the iPhone. 

Aside from the flat edges, this phone has an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure. There is a glass back and an increase in thickness from earlier iPhones to 7.56mm thickness. Therefore, this model is one of the thickest iPhones on the market. 

The phone comes in two different sizes; it comes in 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches. There is the offering of different options you can choose based on what you want and your choice. The design doesn’t age fast and offers you a strong Apple-made phone you can enjoy. 

Furthermore, this phone comes in different colors, offering different buyer choices. When getting the phone, you choose the color that suits your interest best. You can choose from either blue, black, starlight, pink, red, or cream. 

  • Battery Capacity: This iPhone model has one of the best battery capacities among Apple-made phones. The battery lasts well if it is charged properly and fully. The battery has a 3227 mAh capacity, far more than most models of Apple-made phones. It can stay 10 hours or more or less on constant use, depending on the level of use and what you’re doing. 

The phone battery dies faster when you use the internet, stream videos online, or play games than when you’re doing other activities. The phone can stay longer than 10 hours if you’re not using the internet.

  • Fast Charging: This phone model has a fast-charging capacity. This makes it a good bet for those always on their phones. It charges fast and gives you the freedom to use it as you wish. The battery of this phone can charge fully, from 0% to 100%, in an hour. This is a very good feature. 

Furthermore, the adapter suitable for the charging of this phone is 20w. This enables the phone to charge very fast and is suitable for saving your time a lot. However, you will buy the adapter separately the same way you’ll buy the ear pod to be used with the phone differently from all it contains. 

  • Storage Capacity: The phone model has a large storage capacity making it one of the iPhone models with the biggest storage capacity. Moreover, just like the other latest iPhone models, iPhone 13 offers a wide range of storage capacity to get the one that suits your budget and your plan.

You can buy this model with different storage capacities between 128GB to 512GB. You can store many things on this phone and still have lots of unoccupied space regardless of whether you buy the one with the lowest storage capacity. Even with the lowest storage capacity, 128GB, you can still store a lot of information, and your phone won’t hang as obtained in some android phones. 

  • Water and Dust Resistance: Apple knowing that water and dust are two major causes of failure of iPhones, have recently made their phones water and dust resistant. This means that features are included in the phone that helps ward off water and dust. The first feature is the ceramic component used in the exterior part of the phone.

The ceramic component is water-resistant and makes iPhone 13 have that power. There is also the dust-resistant feature of the phone in the interior and exterior parts. However, you shouldn’t expose the phone too much to water and dust. The phone coming in contact with dust and water should only be when you cannot avoid them. Constant exposure to these hazards has a higher possibility of damaging your phone. 

We can write that the phone contains the IP36 feature with this water and dust resistance. 

  • Camera: Having a good camera is one of the best features of this phone, and it is like that in most iPhones, older or new versions. There are many characteristics and qualities of the camera of this phone which make it outstanding and good for use. First of all, the camera is a 12-megapixel wide and ultra camera. 

The camera is part of the phone’s Smart HDR 4 design. Making the camera very sharp and dependable in the execution and presentation of great pictures. 

Then the fact that the phone is night enabled helps in using the camera. There are also image editing and picture enhancing features like blurring the background, modifying the sunlight, brightening and beautifying the picture, and others. While editing the picture after snapping, you can edit it based on the background, look, and many other features.

  • Connectivity: iPhone 13 is 5G enabled, one of the first set of phones to be 5G enabled. This means surfing the internet with this phone is very fast. You have to stay where the 5G network has been installed, and you can do a lot on the internet with your phone. If you’re a game reviewer or lover and user of high-tech activities on your phone, this is one of your best bets. 
  • The Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 13: The chip used in making this phone is the well-performing and high-tech A15 bionic chip. There is the installation of a neural engine-like feature on the phone. The A15 Bionic chip is a fast processing chip and can do a wide variety of functions on the phone simultaneously and at a fast rate, too. This makes the phone perform well and deliver the user’s commands without delaying or hanging. 

You must note that this phone’s neural engine can perform up to 15.8 trillion operations per second. This makes it so fast and capable when multitasking on the phone. iPhone 13 is not the type of phone that would hang or delay in any way. 

This phone also has a 4GB RAM capacity, which is also part of the features helping the phone’s processing speed. The RAM capacity equally ensures that the phone does not hang or is not limited due to multitasking or multiple uses. The processing speed is indeed fast. 

  • 4K Video Recorder: As stated earlier, the quality of the phone’s camera is outstanding. This camera contributes to the quality of video recording of the phone and other features of the video recorder. The video recorder is a 4k enabling one, delivering great videos on the user’s demand. You have to note that the phone’s video recorder supports 4k video recording up to 60fps. 

The videos shot with the phone are of high quality. They can be said to be of the same quality as those shot with cinema-level video recorders. The videos are usually sharp. This is why most content creators use the phone to shoot their videos because it gives a good result. 

  • Security: There is also installing phone securing features on the phone to secure your phone in case of theft. Aside from securing your phone in case of theft, there is also the act of securing your phone due to your privacy concern. There is the installation of Face ID on the phone. Thus, you can set up a Face ID and let it capture and record your face, and no one else can access your phone without going through you. 

This feature is effective, and it works totally. It does not malfunction like some android phones with Face IDs malfunction at times. 

  • Dual Sim: This phone supports the use of dual e-sim. This makes it different from the older versions of the iPhone, where there is no support for dual sims. This phone offers dual sim placement that makes it easier for you and limits the issue of network problems. In places with network problems, you can easily bank on the feature of the dual sim to help out. 

Where to Buy UK Used iPhone 13 in Nigeria?

You can buy iPhone 13 in a good number of places in Nigeria or Ghana. The first known place you can get the phone is in an Apple’s recognized retail store. There are many Apple retail stores scattered worldwide, especially in the different big cities around the world. Here below, we will be listing a few online stores where you can go to get this phone.

Want to Order UK Used iPhone?

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

You can also purchase this phone through Apple’s online store and Apple third-party retail stores at Slot Ikeja Computer Village. For the third-party stores, make inquiries about them in your city and ensure they are legit. 


The iPhone 13 is a very good phone to consider if you need a fast-processing phone with a good camera and video quality. In the smartphone market, iPhone 13 is one of the smartest phones in the market. It offers you a wide range of qualities and characteristics that would make you love using the phone. Are you a lover of any activity that’s high-tech? Then, iPhone 13 is the best bet for you. 

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