UK Used iPhone 12 Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 12 mini price in nigeria

If you are looking for the UK used iPhone 12 price in Nigeria Naira or Ghana Cedis, this article lets you have a full grasp of the features of an iPhone 12 device before you proceed to buy the fairly used model from a retail store in areas like Slot Ikeja Computer Village, or Jumia shop.

UK Used iPhone 12 Price in Nigeria and GhanaHow Much?

The price of a UK-used iPhone 12 smartphone largely depends on the storage capacity of the model you want to buy. As of this review of the fairly used iPhone 12, you can get 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB at prices above 125,000 in Nigeria Naira and at least 1200 in Ghana Cedis. One factor that can also impact the price is the exchange rate.

In this review, we take a look at the UK-used iPhone 12 and its variations: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models, and where to buy it in Nigeria or Ghana.

Where to Order UK Used iPhone Online

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

uk used iphone 12 price in nigeria

iPhone 12 was launched at a period when the world was trying to survive, and at a time when people were getting online better and carrying their activities online, 2020. It was a great update on the features and qualities of the iPhone 11. The qualities it brought to the smartphone market were different and new. 

This is a phone you would love all of its features if you’re a strict lover of tech and good smartphones. From the design to the camera to the video recorder to the connectivity and all, this phone will give you the things and functions you need to work with. It is a great improvement from the earlier versions of the iPhone. 

iPhone 12 is also the iPhone that brought a lot of changes to the iPhone brand, especially the design and the features. The design of the iPhone brand took a change and a major twist with the release of the iPhone 12. Thus, one can say that this phone is not the same way in any way the past phones of this brand, and the change in its design and all is what makes it outstanding. 

The phone is a good bet if you’re creative, techie, and want something different. The phone gives you a higher set of qualities. It’s a phone you would love to have.

In the next part of the post, we’ll be exploring the features, qualities, and characteristics of this phone to present what it can do and its capabilities. 

The Specifications of iPhone 12 

Design: This is a 6.1 inches phone that comes with a dual-lens camera. This phone has flat edges instead of round edges like earlier versions of the iPhone brand. The phone is related to the iPad Pro models in design, especially the flat edges rather than round edges. 

The phone is just like most smartphones with a full-glass cover at the front. The material used at the back of the phone is glass. There is the feature or content of an aerospace-grade aluminum-covered body of the phone. 

There is a notch at the front of the phone. The phone is pretty slim and light. 

On the top and sides of the phone is the antenna of the phone, and in addition, on the sides of the phone are the power and volume buttons. There is also a 5G mmWave antenna on the phone. At the back, there is the dual-lens camera and an Apple logo in the middle.  

The phone comes in different colors and the buyer is given the option of choosing the best color for him or her. The phone comes in black, green, blue, red, purple, and white colors. The variety of colors brings diversity to the market display of the phone and its use of the phone. 

Battery Capacity: The battery of this phone lasts longer than most iPhones, especially the earlier iPhone versions. The battery is averagely good and lasts in terms of older iPhone models’ battery capacity. The phone can last an average of 16 hours or more depending on the level of use, and it might last more or less too.

For instance, when you are operating video playback on the phone, it can last for 16 hours. The phone can also last around 12 hours when you are streaming videos. Then, it can stay up to 60 hours if you are doing audio playback on the phone. This is a great improvement exactly when compared to older versions of the iPhone. A good bet for iPhone lovers in Ghana and Nigeria. 

It is a Li-Ion 2,815 mAh capacity battery.

Camera: The camera of this phone is clear and bright, and there are a lot of things you can do with the camera of the phone. From the sharp features of the camera to the filter to the editing aspects, this phone gives you a great value for your money if you purchase and use it. It has the perfect camera for you. 

The camera is a double-lens camera. It is ultra-wide and has a p/2.4 camera. This camera offers better performance in most difficult situations, especially when it has to do with low-light conditions and at night with low light as well. The phone and the camera is night mode enabled. In addition to that, there is a 2X improved optical zoom feature, and a 5X improved digital zoom feature as well. 

There is Smart HDR support for three people or figures while snapping and saving an image. This means that the camera optimizes the image in view and detects and optimizes the figures of the three focused figures. The HDR also contributes to the camera quality by presenting a 1200 nits peak brightness quality, and better color mixing and harmonization. 

There are also sensors connected to the camera that brightens the image and make it better in different ways. Furthermore, the phone has a 2532 X 1170 resolution with 460 pixels, which adds to the improved camera feature.

The filter and editing aspect of the camera is good. The editing presents blurring options, optimization, and different shades of background to beautify your images. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 12: The chip installed in iPhone 12 is the A14 Bionic chip. This is one of the few times this chip type was used in an iPhone brand. This chip was an upgrade of what used to be used in the iPhone in the past. The chip is built to be fast, and capable of processing the command of the users very well on the phone. 

This chip has a 5-nanometer element or structure as well as other elements. All of their aid in the improvement of the fast processing speed of this iPhone model, and also increased the efficiency of the phone. 

There are also other qualities connected to the running of the phone, which assist in the fast processing speed, like the 6 and 4-core GPU, the 16-core neural engine, and the 4GB RAM capacity of the phone. 

The 16-core neural engine means that there’s a broad and active capacity close central unit of the phone. This engine is enhanced and programmed to carry out multiple orders from the users at a great speed. In addition to that, the RAM capacity makes the phone execute commands at a fast rate too.

Thus, getting iPhone 12 for yourself or anyone is the best bet when it comes to a fast processing phone with very little or no problem of delay.

Connectivity: This phone is 5G enabled. This means that it is very fast when browsing the internet. Are you a heavy user of the internet? Do you play and review games online? Do you edit videos online? This is one of the best phones for you as a Nigerian or Ghanaian. 

This phone has the 5G fast internet browsing. This 5G is 5G mmWave which is the fastest version. However, this version is not available in Nigeria or Ghana yet but this phone being 5G enabled is a big plus. Fast for anything you want to do on the internet.

Furthermore, there is the modern version of WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled on the phone. The WiFi helps you connect to other devices to browse with them while the Bluetooth helps you connect with other devices so you can share content. 

Water and Dust Resistance: Water and dust are part of the two major causes of permanent damage to smartphones, especially iPhones. This is the reason why Apple was able to make a ceramic shield for the exterior part of the iPhone 12. This is to enable them to become water-resistant. There is equally a quality in the phone that makes the phone dust resistant.

Thus, you have a good level of assurance that your phone has a leaner probability of getting damaged due to water and dust. However, that the phone is water and dust resistant does not mean you should expose the phone fully to dust and water. There is only a small percentage of direct hits your phone can take. 

Continuous and excessive exposure of your iPhone 12 to water and dust would lead to total damage. 

Video Recording: The phone has a very sharp video recorder with a good amount of cinematic qualities. This means that videos shot with this phone are of top quality, and it would be of great benefit to you, the buyer. The video recorder has an HDR feature with Dolby Vision making it a good harmonization of colors and clarity. 

It supports 4K video recording at up to 60 fps. It also supports night mode, just like the camera, and there is the element of time-elapse included as part of the video. Reiterating, we state that the video recorder has cinematic features that would give your video the best output. 

Fast-Charging: The phone has this great feature. This means that if your phone is plugged in, in no distant time, it should be filled. The charger has a 15W capacity and can fast-charge the averagely-lasting battery from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. For those who do not want their time wasted on anything, this phone is the best bet for them.

You have to note that the charger adapter and the earpods do not originally come with the phone; you would have to buy it separately.  

In Nigeria and Ghana where some areas might have power issues, having this phone with its fast charging ability is a plus. 

Data and Battery Saver: Considering how the battery and data-consuming iPhones are, Apple were able to give iPhone 12 users some succor as they included battery and data saver as part of the features of the phone. With the Gigabit LTE feature on the phone, you can save your data. When the data is not being consumed at an alarming rate thereby heating the phone, the battery is being saved as well. 

The most fascinating idea here is that as a user of this phone, you have the sweet option of saving your battery. 

Storage: With this phone, you have a variety of storage capacities to choose from according to your financial purse and your needs. The different storage capacities have different prices, and the prices increase as the storage capacity increase. The phone has 64GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB capacities. Thus, you are presented with a variety of storage capacities and you choose the one that suits your budget and needs most. 

Sensors: The additional or good aspect of this phone is that it is in-built with a lot of sensors with different capacities and functions. These sensors include the barometer, three-axis gyroscope, ambient light sensor, and a few others. 

Dual Sim Support: This phone has dual sim support as well.

This phone has the MagSafe Accessories feature. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 12 in Nigeria and Ghana?

In Nigeria and Ghana, you can buy the London used iPhone 12 from Apple retail stores that sell refurbished devices in different cities. One of the trusted online stores that are an approved third-party retailer of iPhones is Jumia.

These prices are not fixed nor do they determine the price of each retailer, every retailer has his or her price, which might be lower or higher, depending on the cost of the business and location. 


iPhone 12 is offered at a good price notwithstanding the multiple good features it has. It is a good choice of a phone if you are looking for a high-tech phone with the best qualities. 

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