UK Used iPhone 12 Mini Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 12 mini price in nigeria

Are you looking for the UK used iPhone 12 mini price in Nigeria? this shopping guide on the refurbished iPhone 12 mini shows you what’s in the features, configurations, and camera power of the device before you walk into a retail store in your areas like Slot Ikeja Computer Village, or Jumia shop.

In this review, we take a look at the UK-used iPhone 12 mini and variations: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models, and price in Nigeria Naira or Ghana Cedia.

UK Used iPhone 12 Mini Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

The price of UK used iPhone 12 Mini depends on storage capacity; 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB but as of this review, the price of the London or UK used iPhone 12 mini in Nigeria or Ghana is still above 100,000 Naira or 1000 Cedis and you can get it from authorized retail stores near you. the new iPhone 12 Mini is going for around 320,000 Nairas to 380,000 Naira, and above.

Where to Order UK Used iPhone Online?

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

uk used iphone 12 mini price in nigeria

iPhone 12 Mini is the phone released at the same period its counterpart, the iPhone 12, was released. It is the smaller version of its counterpart. That iPhone 12 Mini is the smaller version does not mean the features in it are quite removed from the features of the other. They are almost entirely similar in their features regardless of the size. 

iPhone 12 Mini comes with the same fascinating features at quite a smaller size. This means you got to enjoy most of the benefits and features of the bigger version in a smaller phone, which is easy to carry around. This phone helps you solve the issue of weight and size; however, even the iPhone 12 is slim and light but iPhone 12 Mini is slimmer and lighter. 

You must note that the two phones are identical in most ways, including a majority of the features. There are slight differences or a few differences; the major difference is in the size. Aside from the size and a little of other things, iPhone 12 Mini is in a great way similar to iPhone 12.

In this post, we’ll be guiding you through the features of the iPhone 12 Mini, exploring what makes the phone a good phone you should buy, and then the prices and where to buy the phone in Nigeria and Ghana.

The Specifications of iPhone 12 Mini

Design and Look: This phone is a 5.4 inches size phone. It is described by some tech and phone lovers as the smallest iPhone since 2016. The design is very related to or almost the same as that of the iPhone 12.

The front side or the front cover of the iPhone 12 mini is covered with glass entirely except for the edges all around. It has flat edges unlike the round edges of earlier iPhones. There is a dual-camera lens at the back. There is also an Apple logo on the back and it has an aerospace-grade aluminum-covered body. 

This phone is sleek and smooth, and light. The little weight it bears means that this is one of the smartphones you can operate with one hand. Its small size equally means it can easily be carried around without much distress to the user. 

There are power and volume buttons at the side. Antenna in some sections of the body, especially at the top. In terms of color preference and choice, the phone comes in different colors, giving the user different options.

The phone comes in green, red, blue, green, red, white, and purple colors. 

Camera: This phone has a high-function, clear and bright triple-lens camera. This means it can be used to capture very sharp images. There are qualities, which make it able to capture these very sharp images, and these qualities are of different types.

The phone has a resolution quality of 2930 X 1080 with 476 pixels which helps in the improved performance of the camera. There is a Smart HDR feature for focusing or brightening the outlook of three focused individuals or figures in the images. Other cinematic features help out with making the image clearer and better. The HDR contributes greatly to the better brightness, color harmonization, and turnout of the images. 

These cinematic features include the blurring of some undesirable in the image, the AI conversion of the features of sunlight to suit the skin of the individual in the image, or the beautification of the environment in the image is taken. In all, the image snapped should be complete in its quality that it can easily pass off as an image snapped with a very high-definition camera. 

Night mode is enabled on the phone. Images can successfully be taken in very low-light conditions and made to suit the appearance of the figure in the photo and the background. This phone bears a better 2X optical zoom feature, as it is also obtained in iPhone 12, and there is a 5X enhanced digital zoom feature. This zoom attribute is for better performance of the camera. 

In addition to all that has been said about the camera, the camera also has good editing and filter attributes. You can use these attributes to edit your photo to your state like removing spots, brightening the background or picture, changing background type, and many more. 

Connectivity: This phone is one of the first phones in the smartphone market that is 5G enabled. This means that you can surf the internet on this phone at a very high speed. If you are a heavy user of the internet and do a lot of heavy stuff here, then this phone is the best bet for you. 

For instance, for people who play games online or review games being played online, the internet speed on this phone won’t be a problem as it would be very fast. Then, if you do graphics design online, too, this phone equally suits your fast internet speed. Throughout what you do online, be it heavy or not, you are sure to note that the internet speed won’t be a problem. 

However, for Nigerian and Ghanaian users of the phone, the fast type of the 5G is not enabled in these countries, and 5G is not yet active in most parts of these countries. Nevertheless, you can buy this phone awaiting when the 5G network becomes very stable in these countries. 

This phone equally has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 installed on it. While the WiFi type is to connect to the internet on other phones, the Bluetooth is for sharing things. 

Storage: iPhone 12 Mini, like the recent set of iPhones, has high storage capacity. The storage capacity of this phone is not the same as there are different levels of storage capacities of this phone depending on your budget and needs. The lowest of these storage capacities is high still compared to the other smartphone brands.

The different storage capacities on this phone include 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. You have to note that the higher the storage capacity, the higher the price, and the price differences are minimally high. You have to know your needs and make the right budget to suit your needs. 

Battery Capacity: The battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Mini is not so different from that of the iPhone 12. The battery is not much of a long-lasting battery but if well managed it can stay for a longer time. As noticed in other iPhones, especially the earlier ones, the battery is somewhat fair and doesn’t perform that badly.

The battery lasts or stays up according to its level of use. The heavier or more frequent the use, the shorter it lasts. On average, the phone can last up to 15 hours on a steady non-heavy use. However, while actively using the internet, playing games, or doing other heavy stuff with it, it lasts shorter. 

Some instances can be used to show just how much the battery of this phone lasts. While doing video playback, the battery can last for 15 hours and doing streaming of video, the battery can last for 10 hours. In terms of audio playback, the battery can last for 50 hours. 

Chip and Processing Speed: The well-performing and better working A14 Bionic chip is the one installed on the phone. This chip is very fast and delivers different commands from the same user at a fast time. This is why the user can be doing multiple activities on the phone and the phone would deliver at the fastest time There is no issue of delay with this phone. 

In addition to the chip used, the RAM capacity of this phone is 4GB, adding to the reasons why the phone has a very fast processing speed. When iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini were launched, they were the phones that had that high RAM capacity. It simply meant that the phone’s fast processing speed was aided and improved. 

Furthermore, the 16-core neural engine is equally good, and there is improved performance and efficiency with the functions and works needed in the phone. This neural engine is strong and capable of carrying out multiple functions in a short time. The engine does not also break or slow down due to enormous activities on the phone. 

Display: This phone has Super Retina XDR OLED display features with a great combination and color symmetry. The colors on the phone screen or as you use the phone are bright and great. In addition to that, the brightness of the phone screen can be managed to suit the desire of the user.

Fast Charging: Notwithstanding that the battery of the phone is not so great, there is a compensating feature of the fast-charging attribute of the phone. This means that an ever-busy user can gain from the phone by the fast charge as a plugged-in phone can charge very fast, saving the person lots of time. 

This phone charges very fast that it can charge 0% to 50% in 30 minutes with its 15W capacity charger. This means that in an hour or a little over an hour, a phone can be completely charged. This is a great feature that would benefit Nigerians and Ghanaians. 

Video Recording: The video recorder of this phone has a sharp cinematic feature. This means that the videos shot on the phone have good display qualities, from the brightness to the combination of colors. It has HDR quality with Dolby Vision and supports the efficient and good graphics-suited 4K recording at up to 60fps, and this makes it a good choice. 

Are you a video content creator, or a budding skit maker in Nigeria and Ghana? This phone is one of the best and most affordable phones you can get to help your skit-making career. It will give you the best results. 

Water and Dust Resistance: This phone has the IP68 feature, and this means that it is water and dust-resistant. Water and Dust are part of the two major causes of permanent damage to an iPhone. The phone being water and dust resistant means that you’re partially safe from dust and water damaging your phone.

Nevertheless, this IP68 feature does not mean that you have to be careless about your phone. The constant or great exposure of your phone to water and dust would lead to total damage. You should not expose your phone too much to these vices. 

Dual Sim Support: iPhone has space for dual sim support. Good for the users in Nigeria and Ghana, who can capitalize on this and get the best working network for their phones. This is the best fit for places with network issues. 

This phone also has the MagSafe Accessories feature. 

Different sensors help with different functions on the phone. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 12 Mini in Nigeria and Ghana?

In Nigeria and Ghana, a buyer can get the UK-used iPhone 12 Mini from Apple retail stores located in several cities and places in these countries or online stores like Jumia.

You should note that you also have the option of buying from approved third-party retailers of iPhones in these two countries These third-party retailers also sell the fairly used ones at a price you can afford. 

There are other third-party stores at Ikeja Computer Village, Lagos, or Accra you can buy from. Before buying, endeavor to make your findings if those people sell genuine London used iPhone 12 Mini. 

You should note that the prices are not fixed. They determine the price of each retailer, every retailer has his or her price.


iPhone 12 Mini is a great smartphone to own if you are concerned about budget and still want to enjoy the same value from a full-packed smartphone. 

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