UK Used iPhone 11 Pro Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 11 pro price in nigeria

Are you looking for the best London-used iPhone 11 Pro and the latest price in Ikeja Computer Village, Jumia Nigeria, or Ghana, or want to know how the device is configured to deliver solid and efficient performance? this article shows you the specific details and key features, as well as the updated UK-used iPhone 11 Pro price in Nigeria and Ghana.

In this review, we take a look at the UK used iPhone 11 Pro price in Nigerian Naira or Cedis, features, and configurations for 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB models, and where to buy.

UK Used Phone 11 Pro in Price Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

The price of UK-used iPhone 11 Pro varies and it depends on the specific memory configuration you want to buy. iPhone Pro 11 has 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage space. As you may guess, the 512GB is the most expensive of all but as this review view, the Apple smartphone is above N100,000 at major in Ikeja Nigeria or 1000 Cedis in Ghana.

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uk used iphone 11 pro price in nigeria

iPhone 11 Pro is the improved and newer version of iPhone 11. It has some great additional features that make the Pro better than the basic version of the phone. The iPhone 11 is one of the Apple phones where another version of a similar phone was introduced to present to the people with higher grades of the phone. Thus, if you don’t like the basic iPhone 11, you can opt for the improved version of the iPhone 11 Pro. 

The features of the two phones are not that much different just that there are improvements in some areas of the phone. These little differences could in one way or another sway the choice and minds of the buyers. When you look at the characteristics of the two phones, there is a great similarity in the features, but there are still differences somewhat. 

In summary, what this phone offers to you is an iPhone 11 with some marked or remarkable differences from iPhone 11. If you have a slightly higher budget and you aren’t satisfied with the basic 11 phones, you can opt for the Pro. The Pro offers great features, and we would be presenting them below. 

The Specifications of iPhone 11 Pro

Security: Getting this phone, you are assured of fully securing your phone as there is the installation and use of Face ID on the phone. The Face ID is 20% faster in response than the previous iPhone version, and it is optimized fully to detect only the owner’s face. With these, the owner won’t be afraid of his phone being stolen, hacked, and used by an unauthorized user. 

Chip and Processing Speed: Just as it is obtained in its basic version, this phone has an A13 Bionic chip installed inside it. This A13 Bionic chip is a 7-nanometer chip, making it have a fast processing capacity, strong, and capable of multiple function duties. It is one of the fastest chips among the contemporary phones produced at the point the iPhone 11 Pro was produced. 

The fastness of the chip makes it have a 20% faster CPU and GPU. It is also imbued with the neural engine that assists in making the phone capable of processing 1 trillion operations per second.

Furthermore, the RAM capacity of this phone is 4GB. This was coming at a time when most phone tech companies were struggling to produce 2GB RAM phones, especially in the Nigerian and Ghanaian phone markets. The RAM capacity of the phone makes it really fast in processing and carrying out the command of the user. 

Fast Charging: This is one of the most important features of this phone, especially for the ever-busy users. This phone has the ability to charge very fast, thereby saving you the time you would have used to do other things. This means that you can charge the phone for a short time. 

With the 18 watts USB-C adapter and a USB-C lighting cable, you can charge the phone very fast. The phone can be charged from zero percent to half-battery capacity in thirty minutes. Imagine how fast the charging is. It is a very good one for the users in Nigeria and Ghana who might be troubled by some electricity faults in some areas in their countries. They can save themselves time and charge up their power very fast. 

Battery Capacity: The battery of this phone stays longer than the basic iPhone 11. The average time or length of period the battery can stay is around 13 – 20 hours depending on the level of use. You should note that the heavier the use of the battery, the shorter the life of the battery becomes. It is not the same time or period the battery of someone streaming videos on the internet would stay would be the same way someone reading a document on his phone would stay. 

Thus, there are instances or examples of how long the battery of the phone can last. The battery can stay up to 19 hours when you are doing video playback on it; meanwhile, it can stay 12 hours streaming video playback, and then it can stay about 64 hours doing audio playback. So, we can see that the phone has an above-average lasting period. 

Storage Capacity: Like what is noticed in the basic version of the phone, this phone presents various storage capacities to the intending buyer, and he or she has to make a choice of which one to buy. The choice of the storage capacity to buy depends on the budget and wants of the user. The phone comes in the different 64GB, 256 GB, and 512GB capacities. 

You should note that the higher the storage capacity, the higher the price. Thus, you should plan your budget well and know that if you would be needing the highest storage capacity of this phone, you should be ready to part with the highest amount of money. In whatever way, all the storage capacities are large enough to take in as many files as you would want to put in the phone. 

Connectivity: Due to the issue that at the time of producing the phone, the 5G was not that ready and rampant, it is the 4G network connection capacity that’s in the phone. Notwithstanding that, the phone is still a fast browsing or fast internet phone. The connectivity of the phone is the 4G Gigabit-class LTE, meaning it is very fast, and there is the possibility and choice for you to save data on your phone while browsing. 

The 4G connection on the phone is nearly as fast as that of some 5G-enabled phones, especially ones that do not have the faster version of 5G built-in. 

There is support for WiFi to connect to other devices for surfing the internet. There is also Bluetooth enabled on the phone to enhance file sharing. There is also the presence of a U1 wideband chip which allows for improved video tracking and more. 

Video Recording: As noted in its sister phone, the iPhone 11, this phone has the support of a 4K video recording capacity. This means that the videos produced with this phone are sharp and well-structured. The audio and visual quality is good and equitably distributed, and then makes the videos produced with the phone near cinema standard.

As a social media or online video content creator, this phone is an affordable good bet for you. Your videos would turn out to be quality videos which would make you get more viewers. This 4K recording video has an extended dynamic range available at 24, 30, or 60 fps. 

Camera: Unlike the basic version of this phone, iPhone 11 Pro is a triple-lens camera, which is imbued with greater features and details. It is a 12-megapixel camera that has ultra-wide and wide-angle abilities whenever it is taken images, and this means that it is able to capture a large area of the environment as it snaps. This is a feature that earlier versions of the iPhone brand do not have. In summary, this means that there is a 120 degrees field view of the camera. 

The iPhone 11 Pro offers a 2346 X 1125 resolution, and this facilitates the sharpness and beauty of the camera. The camera when used in capturing images renders beautiful pictures. Aside from the resolution that helps the camera, there are also other features built-in the camera that enhances the beauty and efficiency of the camera. 

The telephoto lens is well-built and is structured to enhance the beauty of the images when snapped. For instance, the lens has a larger and more efficient f/2.0 aperture which enables over 30% more optimization and capture of light in the image. In addition to this, there is support for 2X optical zoom, 2X optical zoom out, and a digital zoom that has 10 times more capacity. 

Apart from the telephoto lens, the camera equally has the next generation smart HDR feature that assists in the brightness and full optimization of the images taken. This smart HDR also helps in the optimization of the light in the environment and other aspects of the environment of the image to give a more natural-looking photo. 

The camera is also night mode enabled, helping it out with low light capturing. This means the images you capture in low light conditions would be clear to a great extent and look as natural as possible. More so, there is the portrait mode feature which presents a relatively wide shot for many people in a single image. 

There are also editing and filter characteristics or makeup as part of the camera. You can use these characteristics to improve the situation of your image and improve its brightness, its quality, and its beauty. You can either use the blurring effects or the background effects. or even the total outlook of the images. 

Design and Look: This phone is a 5.8 inches phone with a strong glass cover. The glass on the phone is a serious shatter-resistant glass. It is built to be strong and durable, meaning it can withstand shatter to a great extent. The phone is slim in looks for a weight that’s that capacity. 

It has a Super Retina XDR OLED display that makes it fascinating and refreshing to operate. It gives the perfect display and beauty for any kind of user. The color mixture and symmetry on the screen are great ones. You would gladly love to show off this phone when it is in use.

Like what is obtained in the basic version of the phone, iPhone 11 Pro gives the intending buyer the options of different colors. Thus, you can choose from any of the colors, depending on the one that suits you best and the one you desire. The body and the colors of the phone come in matte finishing available in Gold, Space Gray, Silver, and Midnight Green colors. Out of these colors, you can choose any color you want. There is no way you won’t love one of the available colors. 

Water and Dust Resistant: This phone also has improved water and dust resistance feature. The Apple Company getting knowledge of the disastrous effects of the impact of water and dust on this phone decided to improve the water and dust resistance level of the phone. This means this phone cannot be easily damaged by its exposure to water and dust. 

However, you have got to note that constant exposure to water and dust for the phone would wear the resistance level of the phone and damage it permanently.

Dual Sim: This phone has a dual sim feature you can capitalize on and never go down in your search for a network. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 11 Pro in Nigeria and Ghana

The best place to buy a UK-used iPhone 11 Pro in Nigeria or Ghana is from a dealer outlet that has a good history of customer experience. While it’s not easy to come by, I’d strongly advise you to check out fairly used offers on Jumia stores.


The iPhone 11 Pro is a great phone with lots of fascinating features. It is a phone you won’t regret buying. It meets varieties of needs and varieties of criteria. 

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