UK Used iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria, Ghana & Specs

uk used iphone 11 price in nigeria

Find a first-hand review of the fairly used iPhone 11 smartphone before you buy Apple’s high-end mobile phone from a trusted retail store in Lagos Nigeria ( Slot Ikeja Computer Village, or Jumia shop) or Accra Ghana. At the end of the article, you will see what the UK used iPhone 11 price in Nigeria Naira and Ghana Cedis is and where to get the 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models.

UK Used iPhone 11 Price in Nigeria and Ghana – How Much?

The price of UK used iPhone in Nigeria and Ghane depends on the storage capacity (64GB, 128GB, or the 256GB memory) But as of the time this fair used smartphone review was shared here, it still sells for above N100,000 in Nigerian Naira and GHS 1000. Make sure you check with your retail stores as the price may vary with small or significant figures.

Where to Order UK Used iPhone Online

Jumia Nigeria – View Price Offers
Jumia Ghana – View Price Offers

iPhone 11 came at a period when the iPhone brand lovers were expecting something different and unique from the Apple Company. It brought in something unique and improved features for the lovers of the iPhone brand. iPhone 11 was a great improvement on the former phone models they manufactured. It has great features which would make you love the phone and would be a great choice for you. 

It was introduced in 2019, the year before the Coronavirus lockdown. Thus, it was there before the economy of the world was hit, and before people started taking most of their businesses online. The genre or creativity of social media content creation had not become that loud at that time. There was still a balanced lifestyle among the people and users of the internet and smartphones.

Nevertheless, the phone was still imbued with lots of great features. It is among the best phones of 2019, and it continues to compete well in the smartphone market with even newer brands of the phone. In Nigeria and Ghana, this phone has become affordable and is still very much relevant. 

In this post, we’ll be presenting the features that make this phone a great choice for you, and then, you would have to choose if it is a good bet or not but almost completely, it is a great choice.

The Specifications of iPhone 11

Design and Look: iPhone 11 is a well-manufactured phone with near-perfect bodywork symmetry. It has a 6.1-inch LCD, and an aluminum frame wrapped around its body. It has a good level of thickness, way thicker than the earlier versions of the iPhone. This makes the phone a capable, strong, and durable phone that can withstand different types of pressure. 

This phone has 8.3 mm in thickness. It has the lens of the camera at the back of the phone, and the apple logo too. The phone has a total glass body that projects its beauty to the people who notice you use the phone. Thus, for the phone, it is an all-glass enclosure, marking the phone as unique and great. 

The phone like the iPhone version comes after it offers different color options to the intending buyer. This is to present to the buyer the best color that suits his or her interest. This iPhone brand appears in white, black, yellow, red, purple, and green colors, presenting an option of six colors to the intending buyers. Out of those six colors, there is no way an intending buyer won’t like any. 

This is the first iPhone brand where a good number of colors were added. It is not as if earlier phone brands did not have different colors. It is just that the different colors were not as many as the options offered by iPhone 11. The variety of colors offered is exceptional and wide-ranging. 

Battery Capacity: The battery of this phone is durable, to an extent, when compared with the earlier phones of the iPhone brand. You have to note that with the progression of time and the frequent release of the different versions of the Apple smartphone, there is always an improvement in the battery life. Thus, this is the reason why there is an improvement in the battery life of the iPhone 11 when compared to earlier phones of the brand. 

The battery of the iPhone 11 can stay an average of 10 to 18 hours, depending on the level of use. The heavier the use of the phone, the lower the battery lasts. For instance, the phone lasts for a different level of time and capacity, it can stay 16 hours for video playback, 11 hours when you are streaming videos online, and 62 hours when you are running audio playback on your phone. 

When the battery of the phone is properly managed, it can stay for a longer period. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 11: At the time of the release of this phone, it was one of the fastest smartphones among its contemporaries because of its speed and its ability to deliver the user’s commands at a very fast speed. This is a go-to phone if you love your phone giving you feedback on your commands when you are using it. It is imbued with features that enable you to process your commands very fast. 

One of these features is the A13 Bionic chip used in the phone. An improvement from what was commonly used, this chip is fast and strong. Furthermore, the RAM capacity of the phone is 4GB. At a time when most phones were aspiring towards 2GB and 3GB, this phone came with one of the highest RAM capacities in the market. This means aside from the chip, the RAM capacity also enhances the processing speed of the phone. 

The A13 chip is a 7-nanometer chip with an enabled fast CPU and GPU that can process 1 trillion operations per second. A superb quality, speed, and capacity. 

In addition to all these features mentioned, the power of the neural engine also improved. It is an 8-core neural engine with an improved more than 15% processing speed from Apple’s last phone and around 15% less power-consuming rate. This means as it processes faster, the battery is equally being saved.

Fast Charging: This phone charges very fast. This is a good one for the ever-busy Nigerians and Ghanaians. You can easily power up your phone and get it full or charged up to a great extent, and you would have it in a short while to continue with whatever you are doing. This phone, notwithstanding its average battery capacity, can charge very fast at the rate of charging from 0% to half-battery in 30 minutes.

This fast charging is a good characteristic that helps everyone, especially the ever-busy users who would always want to do something with their time. 

Storage Capacity: This phone has an awesome phone storage capacity that is still one of the best in the smartphone market. This storage capacity is wide enough to suit or occupy whatever range of data you want to store on the phone. Unlike most contemporary smartphones, especially the ones in the Nigerian and Ghanaian markets, this phone has a large storage capacity that accommodates almost anything.

For the intending buyer, there are different storage capacities presented to you. You choose according to your budget and need. At the onset of the production of the phone, there was the production of iPhone 11 of 64GB, 128 GB, and 256GB. You can choose from any of these different storage capacities according to the money you have and your desire. 

However, you should note that the 64GB and 128GB storage capacities of the phone are the more rampant ones. This is because the production of 256GB storage capacity of the phone was discontinued due to the production of one of the newer versions, the iPhone 12. There was also the production of the higher versions of the iPhone 11, making the basic one likely undesirable. 

Camera: The camera is a dual-lens camera. It is a good wide-angle camera, thus considered ultra-wide-angle. The camera can capture a lot of figures in the environment that’s the focus of the camera. Summarily, the camera can give a 120-degree field of view in terms of capturing. The camera is bright and has the technical quality of taking advantage of the environment to give the user a wonderful image. 

The camera of this phone is around 12-megapixel. 

The camera has the next generation Smart HDR that brings out and brightens the features of around two focused individuals or figures in the image. This Smart HDR feature highlights the features of the image, and it also can shield some of the details of the image. Thus, it can highlight, and can also hide some details. 

The camera is night mode enabled; thus, the camera can capture good images in low light conditions. Unlike earlier versions of the iPhones or some of the contemporary smartphones, this phone can capture nice images in low light conditions. The pictures won’t be blurring or not up to the standard you need. The standard of the night image won’t be as bad as it would be if it had been taken by some other smartphones. 

This phone has the feature of 1796 X 828 resolution which gives the camera good sharpness. There is also a Deep Fusion feature that helps in harnessing and harmonization of the colors in the picture. There is also the True Tone which helps in doing that and helps in adjusting the different colors in the picture and ambient lighting. 

There are image editing features on the phone that you can use in editing the pictures you snap. These editing features range from blurring the background to removing defects on the phone to changing the outlook of the image. Furthermore, the camera also has portrait mode. 

Recording Video: The video recorder of the phone has 4K support which gives it a good edge in quality. This means when you use the video recorder of this phone, the videos produced are top-notch and are of good quality. The videos are sharp and bright, and there is good background and color harmonization. Aside from the brightness and sharpness, there is also a great visual and sound mixture and display. 

Unlike the earlier versions of this iPhone, there is a louder and better audio feature embedded in the video recording aspect of this phone. The 4K video recording capacity of this phone is available at 24, 30 0r 60 fps. 

Connectivity: The phone’s network is mostly the 4G network as at the time of its production and launching, the 5G network was not that introduced to the world. The connectivity of the phone is broadly 4G, Gigabit-class LTE, thus automatically enabling data and battery saver on the phone. 

There is also Bluetooth 5.0 as part of the internal structure and capacity of the phone. This means you can share files as you would love to. 

Dual Sim: There is a space for the insertion of a dual sim. For Nigerian and Ghanaian users, it is good news due to the issue of networks having issues in their countries. Among the two sims, there is always one that would be available. 

Water and Dust Resistance: Apart from the toughness and thickness of the screen to avoid total damage, this phone has water and dust resistance to a great extent. This means when there is minimal exposure of your phone to water and dust, the phone can prevent total damage unlike before. 

Where to Buy the UK Used iPhone 11 in Nigeria and Ghana?

In Nigeria or Ghana, one can buy the fairly used iPhone 11 from stores approved by Apple to sell refurbished smartphones and they are few in several cities. Aside from them, you can equally buy the phone from physical outlets at Ikeja Computer Village, Lagos, or Accra. For someone that’s considering the fairly used version and affordability, I’d advise you to order from a trusted online store like Jumia, they offer a refund or guarantee a seamless shopping experience.


Yet to make up your mind on whether to go for the UK used iPhone 11? Well! This review is enough to help you make a buy or not buy decision. But in case the UK used iPhone 11 price in Nigeria or Ghana is very cheap (LOL) want to try another high-end iPhone model, we have also shared reviews of different models.

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